Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wrapping up December

We are so thankful for family and so happy my children get to experience it first hand.

This is our Smith Christmas

Today was the big U of L and UK basketball game. Everyone was sporting their colors. I couldn't fit into my blue UK shirt. So I'll have to cheer without them. It worked out just fine because UK won by a large margin! yea!

It was so nice to have Pam and Olivia come in for Christmas this week. Even Emily got to fly in for the weekend.

I am so thankful for my grandfather. Matt and I were just talking today how my Grandpa Smith was the one who talked to me about baptism and how it is through his prayers and example that compelled me to be baptized the Christmas of 2000. Grandpa is the spiritual Patriarch of our family and has made such a positive impact on us. I love him.

Little Brayden is the newest baby in our family. This was his first Christmas. He is such a joy and a happy little baby.

Cousin Jenny was so funny tonight. She was in a fun and teasing mood tonight. She even snatched my camera to take a selfie.

We have had such a blessed year and am so excited to meet this new baby. I am hoping for a delivery on January 3rd which happens to be Jenny's birthday. My due date is January 9th.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Christmas Day After

What do you call the special day after Christmas? That is our day with the Murphys

I love this day. We get to go to the farm and have a country Christmas.

I didn't take too many pictures today. We were just having too much fun together. I was also very tired today. We had pizza and rootbeer floats for our dinner. This was perfect I was so craving a pizza. Funny what we miss in the fan fare of rich holiday food. :)
Little Aiden after his nap.... still a little sleepy.

Everyone curled up for a movie

What a precious Christmas. We enjoy every minute with our family.
Carolyn has a nativity that she keeps low for the kids to play and see. Aiden loves the tiny sheep in the nativity. All of the kids have messed with it over the years. So much that the three sheep are now three legged. All of them have been so loved and handled that they are missing a leg. oops (as keith would say)

This was gift from Grandma and Grandpa. Doesn't it look like she is at the coffee shop working at her laptop? There is hot chocolate in her cup. She is so cute.

Last year I made homemade gingerbread to make houses with together at the Murphy's but this year I was not as ambitious. I had gotten a kit for us to do together and forgot it at home. So we did this together at the house before the end of our Christmas break.

Here's a pair of Murphy lips. 

Aiden is so confused why we haven't started eating the house yet. Clearly there is candy all over it!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Christmas Day

Some of my best Christmas memories growing up involved our entire Christmas Day at our home. We didn't go anywhere or travel we spent the day together with just our immediate family. This really hit home when we started to have children and the rush and pull to be places crowded our family time. Matt and I decided that we needed to spend the day together at our own home. If grandparents and family wanted to come to our house and see grandbabies that was fine, but we needed to be at home base.

This year my mom and dad and sibblings came over at dinner time for some Christmas celebrations. My aunt Pam and cousin Olivia came this year being in town from NC.


One of the joys of the day is that we try and take our time. I want to soak up all our family memories- love and quality time. So far the kids have been pretty cooperative. There wasn't an early wake up call to anyone. Matt made breakfast for us and there were several "can we open presents?" but able to calmly stall them till after breakfast. 

We had three small nativities that the kids had made so when we read the Christmas story out of the Bible I had the kids find the cow or wiseman or the prop that was a part of the story I was reading about. The kids really liked being apart of the Bible story.

A friend was telling me how she set a timer and waited an hour between opening each gift. That way the kids enjoyed each thing and were able to play a bit before being rushed to open open open.

This year the kids were very swept up in the notion of Santa Clause. Both kids were hearing alot from their friends. We celebrate Jesus at our house only and don't talk about Santa at all. I don't want my kids running around saying to their friends that there is no Santa, so I kept emphasizing that we celebrate Jesus and that is what Christmas is about. But Corbin was worried that he wouldn't have any presents and where would they come from if there was no Santa. I said "Jesus was all we need, He provides everything for us." And when there were three presents under the tree for them labeled from Jesus they were just so excited and full of wonder. I was so happy.

We had a wonderful day! Aiden was able to have his nap and the afternoon was full of treats from our stockings and play time together.

So family poored in....there sure is a house full now that the girls are not small children anymore. There are six of us kids, parents, aunt and cousin, a spouce with children, a nephew and two dates.

Pam had gotten Corbin this fun ninja turtle race track. Aunt Lydia and Peepaw helped make it go and raced with Corbin most of the evening.

Matt got a pipe from Ireland from Rebekah. He was so excited and showed off his pipe collection.

Aunt Rebekah painted Addies toenails. I have no patience for this chore since she gets them rubbed off before the day is over.

 The kids got these fun straws in their stockings.

 Dinner was elegant with a Crown Roast and Salmon

I have always wanted to make one for Christmas. They just look so fancy. This one was grown by the Murphy's and it was very good. Tender and flavorful.... yummo.

Ignore the big spot on my shirt. Those pregnant ladies sure do know how to make a mess.

The night ended with grandkids and grandparents couching it with the babies and a cartoon.

The rest of us played a little Pit.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Christmas Eve

Our family tradition has been to spend certain days with each of our different families. I love this as we are able to spend real quality time with each one instead of rushing off from place to place to squeeze time in with everybody on one day. 

So Christmas Eve with the Jones'

We began our night by going to church at 4p. I cannot tell you how it touches my heart to spend Christmas in church really focusing and worshipping the only reason for Christmas. It's like all of this preperation and attention comes to a head. All the worry to get this and that done all melts away as we focus on our Savior. Mighty is our God

Some of the traditions that the Jones' have is to begin with the Lord's Prayer, eat, sing songs and open presents. 

Watch out for Batman

 Or Batgirl, whichever you you run into first.

This boy thinks he's cool on the skateboard.

There sure is a magic of wonder, love and excitement when you celebrate Christmas with children.