Tuesday, May 29, 2012

make it a tuesday

As I look back over my posts I see that my pattern lies on a Tuesday. I must have time to sit at the computer on Tuesday. Well, here again, I sit to do a post and it is Tuesday. 
If you have noticed I have going back into my picture album and blogging somethings that got passed up in the busy spring. I can't believe I hadn't blogged about the kids birthdays.
Adaline turned 3 and Corbin 5
Both birthdays are in April. We did a combined party this year with family for the both of them, but how can you not celebrate the day of the birthday and Corbin turned a big 5, so we decided to let him have a big party with his friends.
So here is how our birthday month went.

Adaline's birthday was on a Saturday right before Easter. So we were able to celebrate with an egg hunt at Corbin's school. The carnival games were great  but my poor babies were at the back of the hunt line and they literally got two eggs each while the kids at the front got a bucket full. Mama bear in me said no fair, but christian Melanie said that's okay guys. One mom gave Corbin the two he had or he would have had none. They were quite disappointed, but being 3 and 5 lunch at Culver's and time at the park quickly got their minds off of the egg hunt.
 It was nice to take time our of our week just to celebrate Addie with lunch and swings at the park.
Luckily I needed to make cupcakes for our Easter dinner so we got to have cake for Addie that night and a candle to blow. Here is my late night cutie curled up for Easter. (Unfortunately they did not make it through the night. No Shirley Temple curls this year)

A few weeks later on the 21st we had their birthday party. Addie picked out her party skirt
 and Corbin's way of coping with the camera is to act crazy.
 He loved all the action toys

This year the cake was tricky. They each wanted something different. Not the easy way out with Mickey and Minnie like last year. So I made them their own cake. Addie wanted princess pink and Corbin wanted blue Batman. I think they turned out great! Carolyn came over and decorated them for me. We took the toys we already had and topped the cake with Belle and Batman.

Too cute to pass up on.... another picture mom?

Each year I get a photo of them standing by the cupcake to see how tall they grow.

Corbin will probably pass up the candle next year.

Corbin's birthday was on Friday the 27th. So we took some friends with us to SIGS for open gym time. What a blast these guys had. You would never have known their were other kids there. They were too busy having fun.

Here's everyone in the cheese pit.

The lady watching that day let Corbin in the middle to "pop" the air bubbles

There were two kids that just sat on the row for a picture that I had to crop out. Who knows who they belonged to. LOL
Josh and Haley Allen, Adaline,Micah and Tayden Rader, Jansen Wise, Corbin, Daniel Allen and Elijah Guernsey with baby Reagan Wise.
It was great that these moms let us go out and have such fun on a Friday morning.

So these kids got cake three times this month. And yes, so did mom and dad.

Here I am. I do exist...

And baby Aiden had a blast everywhere we went.
Thanks to Nana and his aunts for helping with extra hands.

On a side note, our appliances at the house have been fritzing out on us. The washer had a leak and ran through the floor which left a stain on the kitchen ceiling. All is fixed now, just needs a coat of paint on the ceiling. Sunday our fridge decided not to keep things cold and Matt is working on the parts for that one. Weird how this stuff happens. We have been thinking how long we have had these things and we have been here in Corydon 5 years now, so five year old fridge should not be giving us fits.

Wow, 5 years and 3 kids later in Corydon

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Picnics and new recipes

Corbin's class went on a picnic friday after graduation practice. This one little girl was bawling because preschool was over and she would not be with Mrs. Head anymore. This is Corbin's teacher Mrs. Head. She also goes to our church so we know what she believes. Great school experience for Corbin.

We went to Hayswood park in Harrison County. So much fun. Addie is Corbin's little shadow and follows him wherever he goes.

They were tickled to death to carry and bring their lunchboxes.

That morning before we left Corbin was reading Aiden this book from the library. Corbin did a great job remembering the story. I think Aiden liked it.

he looks so adorable in this bucket hat.

So I made these gormett pork chops by Wolfgang Puck called Pork Chops with Cabbage & Sherry Vinegar Sauce.  This tasted so amazing. The cabbage and vinegar sauce was so flavorful, much better than what it sounds like. Amazing and a hit with everyone. Served on my Chevy Chase plates. Isn't it funny that they say Chevy Chase on the bottom.

Monday, May 21, 2012

You're not going to church like that, are you!?

Oh yes, it has happened again. My friend the poison ivy bush has found me. It is hard to tell in this photo but my eye is half swollen shut. You know me with medicine and needles, but I did break down and go to after care and get a steroid shot and three prescription drugs. Yikes! I jumped at the prick. I'm lucky she didn't jerk with me, but the shot went okay. 

I get up Friday morning with bumps, talk with Bucky a little bit about the take care clinic at Walgreens, but decide to wait before making any rash decisions. Took herbs Friday night and Saturday, then woke up looking like this.

Matt laughs and says, "You're not going to church looking like that are you?" We both think of the time  I had poison ivy when we were dating, I think it may have looked worse that this. We were suppose to go out for the evening and I show up at his place looking like this. He wouldn't step out of the apartment with me. He went and got dinner and a movie for a night inside. Embarrassed to be seen with me. Well this time he didn't have a choice. I wasn't going to miss church because I am uglier than usual and I wasn't going to miss Corbin's graduation.

 Here is another photo to show off my red swollen face. This means of course no touching anything and no make up. Us blondies have no eyelashes to been seen, so no make up is kind of a big deal

Today very itchy but feeling much better.

Due to this medication I wasn't able to feed Aiden last night and remember he won't take a bottle. But success. After some screams and an hour after eating time he did take a bottle for me. He had three bottles before I could nurse again. Perfectly rationed because that was all I had saved since he wouldn't take bottles I hadn't been pumping.
 These are a couple of random shots I took last week. Addie fell asleep reading library books during our  quiet time.

Aiden being adorable after a nap.
The kids helping me wake him up.

Drum Roll please! Corbin's graduation!
He did great and was so excited about all the fun to dos. My handsome big boy

Mrs. Head his teacher for two years is wonderful and made Corbin's school experience so wonderful.

Mark and Kara got to come and see, boy I thought they were going to burst into tears. They kept saying how fast time goes. That they were just at their children's preschool years and now they are all out of high school. I will treasure these moments.

Murphy Family 
May 20th 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fire Trucks and Bookworms

Last Friday Crobin's preschool class had a field trip as a way for them to see and experince the bus they will soon be riding to school. This is Corbin on his first bus ride.

Corbin loved riding the bus. It was nice to see him interact with his school friends and see how he acted with me. He was very respectful and handled each situation with ease and confidence.

We first went to the Harrison County Public Library. This is their group shot as they listened to a story. We had a tour and they had a scavenger hunt. You can get your own library card at 5 years old.

This is Corbin's school buddy Thomas. Can you believe two red heads running around the classroom. Unfortuantly all of Corbin's friends will be going to a different school. We were the only family in Corydon. The rest will go toward North Harrison and Patoka.

This was a  fun day! We also got to stop by the Ramsey Fire Department. The firemen were great. They were so patient and let the kids do and see so many things.

Corbin was a little shy of the fireman. I was amazed at the kids reaction to him in his suit. They watched him put on each layer and still was a bit scared of him fully suited up. The fireman let them get close and touch all of the gear he was wearing.

Yes, he even got to spray the firehose. Does this mean he could see firepoles and sirens in his future? Only God knows.

And of course the best part of my day was getting time with Corbin. My big baby who is finished with preschool. My precious little man.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Model Material

What a beautiful sister. This is my little sister who is now a senior, graduating from High School and Prosser Cosmetology School. I cannot believe the little eight year old I helped paint her room and decorate her birthday cake is now this beautiful young lady who is going to find life's treasures in "the real world". Naomi Grace is the fifth child in our family and I've called her Gracie since she was born.

Gracie stopped by before going to Corydon Prom. You should have seen Adaline's face as she saw Gracie walk up in her beautiful dress and sparkly shoes.

I think she was getting tired of all the photos. :) Yes, she is model material and such a sweet heart. (I can hear my other sisters, who live with her, making comments now)

My aunt Pam also came in town this weekend. She was so tickled to meet Aiden. Pam and her family live in Raleigh, North Carolina and just missed Aiden as they were in town for Thanksgiving and Aiden was born the week after.

Aunt Pam is my mom's sister and we all love it when she comes to visit. We are planning to see Pam and her family on the way to the beach this year. (fingers crossed)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pearly Whites and Mother's Day

Mother's Day was perfect this year. When you think of all our blessings we have mother's day every day, but this year was especially nice. At church I got to see my mother. 

Diana Lynn Jones (Smith)
I always thought it was funny that my mother was a Smith and became a Jones. 
She is 52/ 18 when she married/ 18 when she had me.
I cannot imagine having children at 18. That would mean I would have a 16 year old. Crazy! That would be like my youngest sister Lydia would be my daughter!
Diana is a mother of six, a sibling of four, and a cousin of 14 (Smiths).
I am so proud to be her daughter, I appreciate her more and more the longer I'm a mother. Boy do we realize how much our parents love and take care of us when we are in their shoes. I love how my mom continually teaches me and shares her wisdom. You'd think at 34 I would have absorbed it all from her by now, but I continue to learn new things. 

I love you mother!

Mother's Day
Now I am a mother.
Melanie Lynn Murphy (Jones)
I am 34/ 23 when I married/ 29 when I had Corbin.
I am a mother of 3, a sibling of six, and a cousin of 9 (Jones').
I love being a mom and enjoy all our energy and craziness

 Corbin 5years old- born April 27, 2007
Adaline 3years old-born April 7, 2009
Aiden 5months old-born December 3, 2011

 So Matt Spoiled me today.
He brought me breakfast in bed. Watermelon chunks, powdered donuts, and pina colada marshmallows with my favorite hot tea. He helped serve me all day with no request from me.

He made lunch after church. We had cheddar brats and corn on the cob on the grill.

For dinner he made what you see below. Roasted duck, sweet potato and green beans. And he made layered jello for dessert! Corbin and Addie thought this was fabulous.

Here is the hunk that did it all! I love this guy, what a sweetie!

Then when we stopped by the Murphy's house I discovered Aiden had a tooth on th bottom front! Wow, my little man is getting his teeth. I'll have to look up when the others got theirs. He may be the earliest.

What a fabulous day, God is so good!