Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Brayden with Chicken and Waffles

My two new loves over this last month are new baby nephew Brayden Michael and Chicken and Waffles. 

This picture is at four days old. Such a sweetie.

Here are the cousins finally meeting. Corbin 6, Adaline 4, Aiden 23months, and Brayden 4 days.
Proud Peepaw

 The Guernsey's have commented on Chicken and Waffles before and frankly I thought this is just one of those weird foods they are into; but our life group went out to this cool place on Frankfort Ave. called the Silver Dollar. A-mmazing!! Still not sold at the beginning of the meal I ordered something safe. Usually up for whatever but pregnant Melanie has been quite moody in many ways ( tonight it was picky food night). Anyway, Matt had gotten the golden plate of goodness. Chicken and Waffles are heavenly, again it my be one of my pregnant moods, but I loved them. Don't know if it is because of our restaurant or the food itself or both. But I would highly recommend this dish at this restaurant as my new favorite.

Meet the friends responsible. Thanks Melanie and Dave for a perfect foodie evening ending at the Pie Kitchen. Yummo!