Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good Times

Looking back at the pictures off my camera. There were several good pictures I couldn't pass up to share. Again, the pictures are in order yet backwards of where I wanted them placed. So, this should be the last picture you see. Let's just pretend. Shall we? :)

Christmas with the Jones'= Christmas with family is treasured. This is one of the serious moments that we shared Christmas night. Nana and Peepaw are having a little fun with Corbin's new present from Aunt Lydia.

Here Rebekah had her final piano recital as she has graduated out of her lessons. Miss Rebekah our beautiful college freshman.
Momma turns 33- Wow! Can you believe that young lady in the picture below is really 33! Mom had a birthday dinner for me. She made at my request potatoe soup and Lizzy served them in her specialty, bread bowls she made herself. It was a great night to spend together.

Scrooge- This was Lydia's last year to play the angel of Christmas Past. What an adorable sister. She did an outstanding job!

Our beloved Scrooge-minus a wig. Frick and Frack do not seem appropriate. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb seem more appropriate yet this does not encompass this pair. However, best buddies are pictured here.

Another set of buddies since childhood... Adam and I were able to celebrate our birthdays together. We went to Joe's Crab Shack and then ... wait for it.... The Toby Mac concert!!!!! bonus Skillet. Yeah, great concert.

My little Tea Cup- She is so cute in her piggy tails.

My little treasures- cuddling on the couch

Shortly after Corbin would not be left out of having mommy time.

Some good times I thought I'd share with you. There are many others to share. Love to all