Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kentucky State Fair

Thursday we went the the fair; Keith, Carolyn, Corbin, Adaline, and I. We had a great time. I love looking at the animals, especially out of Corbins perspective. He like the pigs and kept snorting as we walked by them. He loves his Grandpa.(he's still working on calling him grandpa, usually this comes out as peepaw)

You can tell the cows were not his favorite, but by this time we had been there for over an hour so maybe this is not the best judge of what he likes. After seeing the cows we went out to the fairway and got a bottle of water and as a special treat some ice cream. He ended up liking the bottle of water better than the ice cream. He really likes taking the top off and on. I enjoyed the ice cream anyway.

I believe this was actually Corbins favorite activity. It really took a lot to get him to leave "his ball" behind. :) I really enjoyed the fair. Thank you Murphy's! We left after the perfect amount of time. Addie was in the sling and then slept in the stroller. Corbin (with no nap) was a great kid and was happy to be out and about. I was a little disappointed not to see Freddie Farm Bureau this time. I always love the talks he gives on 102.3 before each fair year. hee hee.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Can you believe we are 30+ and most of us married? Wow! I look at my little family and think, Wow! I found this picture of my good friend Amanda and her new husband Donnie. They were married last year about this time. What a lovely bride. I cannot believe how life moves so fast. In the middle of the dog days of summer you think won't the cool fall air be nice, but on the other hand we are about to go into 2010. I remember in elementary school how your teacher would make you write letters to yourself in the future and a crazy year would be thrown out there. Well, 2010 would be one of those crazy, too far in the future dates that you think would never arrive for you. Well here we are. :)
Life is good even though/because I am 31 and even though/because I am a mom and wife. Love it!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what girls are made of.....

Addie loves her brother. I am amazed at what she does. She just coos and laughs whenever he is around. Even when he head buts her belly she just smiles like he is her best friend. I will enjoy watching their relationship grow.

Addie loves her toes. I have seen her put them in her mouth. Her dimple kills me. My little sugar. Tonight I saw her roll over from her belly to her back. Matt and Lydia have seen her but I got to see it myself.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Torture Chamber.... I mean the dentist

Well, I have never be a fan of the dentist. Don't get me wrong I love my dentist he is great. but it is the treatment and the bad news I usually get that makes me cringe when I go. I have always been the one with bad teeth. Adam (my younger brother of 2 years) never had any cavities, but I always did. We had the same eating habits and brushing habits and I would still have the cavity. In fact, the first time I had a cavity it took several dentist before we had the cavity filled. You see in order to fill a cavity you have to get the cavity out by drilling in the tooth. Which means that you have to get a shot in your gums to numb the area. If any of you know me well you know how much I fear needles on/in my body. So they tried, but I wouldn't let any form of needle near my mouth. They tried the laughing gas and I was so terrified of the dentist it didn't work. Finally, the last dentist said you know if you don't let me fix your tooth you will have to see Dr. Miller and he will hold you down in a padded room and make you get your tooth fixed. He scared me but not enough to let him fix it. This all happened when I was seven. Sure enough we went to Dr. Miller. He had this nice children's dentistry office. Everything looked so fun. He was super nice. Well, I wouldn't let him get close to me. Come to find out later I was in a sound proof room in the back of the office. This way screaming wouldn't scare the other children. When I opened my mouth to scream he put this tool in my mouth that prevented me from closing my mouth. Thus, the nurses held me down and he fixed my tooth. ...
Today I see Dr. Jacobi. He is fabulous. I had a routine cleaning this week. He told me how I am in the high risk bracket for tooth decay. Thanks dad. You gave me great genes. So he gave me a special tooth paste for morning and another for night. He acted like I never even brush my teeth. Anyway, I have to be super careful with my teeth for the rest of my life.
I told Matt later that I'd rather just go ahead and get them taken out, rather than continue to hear bad things every time I go.
I pray my children take after Matt. He has great teeth.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My pretty girl!

My beautiful girl. Can you believe it has been a whole month with no blogs of my children or anything. I have had a month full of life. I taught four weeks of chef school at IUS for project ahead.(that is for 3/4th graders) We had VBS along with Terrific Tuesdays. Then there is life with a three month old and a two year old BOY! Well, not much energy to think or type tonight but I knew that I had to get something up here. :)

This was at the 2009 Smith reunion. Mom took the kids, I had a dinner party for church already planned. This is Addie with her great aunt Amy.

Here is Addie and I. This is a picture of myself at two months. So, all those who don't know who Addie looks like. She looks like her momma. What a beautiful girl. She is growing so fast.

More to come soon. I promise.