Monday, December 19, 2011

Announcing Baby Aiden

Wow! What a whirlwind, TV baby delivery!
I had been reading and praying about a Bradley delivery and fast labor. God answered our prayers. Here is the story of Aiden's birth.

I woke with contractions at 5 am. I don't know what it is about me starting labor in the middle of the night.

This was definentaly labor and we were going to meet our new baby today! The emotional sign post was good and excited and that quickly lead to the questions of how long is this labor going to take?... How hard and painful was labor going to be? ... would I have back labor like Addie?

I called mom around 6am. She was going to come over and help me and bring Lydia to be with the kids. At this point I am still trying to rest and relax my body and save my energy for the hard part that was to come.

Holly Ward is and amazing woman of God that I met in life group. She is a labor and delivery nurse that is staying home with here two girls right now. I had asked her to be my labor coach. What peace she brought to our birth. I called Holly at a little before 8a and said contractions were about 10 min apart. Holly arrived at 9 am and mom shortly after. At that time they were about 3-5 min apart and Holly went ahead and texted my midwife at 10a.

At this point I am stopping to breath through contractions and some of them were really strong. Holly prayed with me, quoted scriptures and talked me through some contractions. We changed positions a lot and went to the bathroom a lot, but the most relaxing was laying on the bed, side lying.

Contractions were coming about 1-2 min apart and I was getting to the point where I asked for the epidural with Addie, so I was talking to Holly about when we should begin to head to the hospital. I was thinking I had over an hour or two before we should be concerned with rushing to the hospital.

I don't know if you know me very well, but I am terrified of needles and knew that upon arrival they would put IV port in my hand, which has been terrible the first two births, they always have to stick me several times all during labor of course. Also,due to having a C-section already I have to have the fetal heart monitor on my belly. It is a tight elastic belt that has a box on the top that sends heart rate info to the machine for the nurses to check. These things really made me anxious to go and labor at the hospital, so I wanted to wait and labor as much at home as possible.

We decide to leave for the hospital at 10:35. Many times I would have to stop and breath through a contraction along the way. That means I get down to the truck at 11a. At this point I am surprised to find out that I want to push with my contractions. All of us look at each other like ..."the hospital is pretty far away to want to push already". Holly says well our options are to go to Harrison, Floyd, Clark or ambulance. Do you think you can make it through 12 contractions? Okay, let's go to Clark. From 11:02- 11:28 God granted us speed and perseverance because I don't know how it could be humanly possible for us to make that time from Corydon to Clark with all the traffic headed to the bridge.

I would constantly ask Holly "What do I do Holly? Anytime I would get scared or panicked I would sing to God or pray or ask Holly what to do. The whole time trying to get my other muscles to relax. Now, we don't want to have the baby in the truck or the side of the road, so I am not suppose to push with these contractions. Holly is coaching me to breath up high in my chest and to try not to push yet. Goodness.

We are getting near Floyd and Holly asks if we can make it 8 more contractions. I say we can't make it. Matt turns around and says what about the money we paid Clark? I hesitate and then say Okay let's go to Clark.

As soon as we pull into the ER bay a guy runs out and asks what's the matter. Matt yells, she's having a baby! Holly called ahead to tell them we were on our way. Matt says this rush of 10 people run out to pull me out of the truck onto the guerney. Onc nurse says she's on backwards, the guy tells her she won't be on here long. Most of this is a blur to me till we get to the elevator and I don't see Matt. He had went to park the truck and Holly assures me he will be here soon. We get to the delivery room just in time for me to all out push and baby is crowning. I remember holding on to the bar of the bed and everything was happening so fast. Holly quickly comes up beside me and helps me to breath and slow down a little bit. Matt appears and my doctor did not make it before Aiden comes out to say hello.

Matt laughs that I said, "Holly it hurts..." I know all of the ladies are laughing or saying amen!
11:32a Aiden Wesley Murphy is laid on my belly. I am relieved, crying, smiling, and hugging all over my little boy. Dark curly brown hair and dark skin, my husband is looking around at everyone thinking this cannot be my child. Aiden is 8pounds 3.4 ounces and 22inches long.

Praise Jesus! We made it! My midwife was there to deliver the placenta and help check us all at the end. Dr. Hanigin was there by God's grace to deliver as she was checking on another patient in labor. No IV, No monitor, no drugs and no tearing! God is so good.

Altogether 6 1/2 hour labor God answered our prayers. Now we have the hard part, taking care of a newborn.

Here is our precious Aiden Wesley
One of the things you learn in a Bradley (birthing class) class is. "I can do anything for a day..." So this is one of the montras I am quoting to myself to get through a contraction.

Corbin loves and kisses on Aiden just as much as I do.

Proud papa

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

So, how many of you really know what Labor Day is for? I didn't. Neither did anyone I asked on Monday so Matt had to discover the facts. I'll let you look that up on your own.

Anyway, we needed a day out of the house, even though it decided to drop majorly in temperature. Sat 107* Mon 69*
So, jeans, long sleeve, tennis shoes and jackets later we went to the Water Tower and enjoyed the 6th annual Bluegrass Festival
they feature music and burgoo *I had to look up burgoo (apparently very famous in KY)

We took my parents, my sister Lydia, and my brother Adam
I'll post pics later
The wind was brutal and kept blowing in the mics of the performers. So, I don't think I could be a fair judge of the talent but they did okay.

Corbin was in love with his corndog and chasing Addie in circles
Addie was in love with her fries and dancing to the pickin'
Matt, Adam, Mom and Dad loved the corn hole turnament that my parents won!
I loved my burgoo (veggie and meat stew) and holding my redhead that fell asleep.
Lydia, well, I wonder if she had fun. :)

Great day to enjoy even if it was alittle cool!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I have to update some pictures from this summer, but wanted to make a post before I couldn't remember my way back here.

So this pregnancy has flown by so far. I am about 27weeks along.

Did you ladies like being pregnant? I think its neat feeling the life of your baby moving around inside. I am very blessed to not be sick. However, I do subcome to the regular grumpy mom syndrome. I don't like being easily annoyed or agitated but it strikes often. The worst side affect of this pregnancy is the veins that are showing on my legs. The doctor says they may or may not go fade away after the birth. My right leg by my calf is very bad and they hurt. I cannot stand a lot without them aching. Compression socks will be my friend when the weather cools down.

I am chronically tired. Today was very much a testament to that. Took a two hour nap with addie and don't really feel rested at all.

Corbin loves touching my belly and talking about the baby. He wants a boy like his friend Jansen, but if he has to he will take another girl like addie, he says. Addie is oblivious to the concept of a baby in my belly, but chatters like crazy about every baby she sees that we pass in the store. Our life will be very different soon.

I love the verse that God tells us how before we were born He knew us an formed us. God is with this little one and preparing us to right for each other.
I love you already little one.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mickey and Minnie

Well, my two children are both born in April. This year I wanted to have their birthdays together. So you will meet our Mickey and Minnie Mouse kids. :)

Corbin is now four- nearing the end of his first year in preschool. He loves playing outside and you often hear him say he's going to work and then heads out the door. Corbin is my funny boy. He has lately enjoyed singing and can say the entire pledge of allegiance.

Adaline is now 2. She is my little cuddle bug and daddies teacup. Adaline would love to go to preschool with Corbin and tells him bye and I love you everytime we drop him off. She is into everything and loves to climb. She is beginning to count and loves to talk and sing.

Uncle Adam and Aunt Dana gave Corbin Mickey ears awhile back and Corbin was too little to know about them. When I got them out for his Mickey party he danced around the house saying he was Mickey Mouse. He and Addie like to watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse.

I made Addies ears. What a fun day to spend with my kids. They are so fun. I really like 2 and 4.

Mom got some better pictures I'll have to post some more later.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good Times

Looking back at the pictures off my camera. There were several good pictures I couldn't pass up to share. Again, the pictures are in order yet backwards of where I wanted them placed. So, this should be the last picture you see. Let's just pretend. Shall we? :)

Christmas with the Jones'= Christmas with family is treasured. This is one of the serious moments that we shared Christmas night. Nana and Peepaw are having a little fun with Corbin's new present from Aunt Lydia.

Here Rebekah had her final piano recital as she has graduated out of her lessons. Miss Rebekah our beautiful college freshman.
Momma turns 33- Wow! Can you believe that young lady in the picture below is really 33! Mom had a birthday dinner for me. She made at my request potatoe soup and Lizzy served them in her specialty, bread bowls she made herself. It was a great night to spend together.

Scrooge- This was Lydia's last year to play the angel of Christmas Past. What an adorable sister. She did an outstanding job!

Our beloved Scrooge-minus a wig. Frick and Frack do not seem appropriate. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb seem more appropriate yet this does not encompass this pair. However, best buddies are pictured here.

Another set of buddies since childhood... Adam and I were able to celebrate our birthdays together. We went to Joe's Crab Shack and then ... wait for it.... The Toby Mac concert!!!!! bonus Skillet. Yeah, great concert.

My little Tea Cup- She is so cute in her piggy tails.

My little treasures- cuddling on the couch

Shortly after Corbin would not be left out of having mommy time.

Some good times I thought I'd share with you. There are many others to share. Love to all