Monday, April 30, 2012

My precious little girl

Adaline is so precious and just holds this place in my heart. I have wondered as I studied Genesis this year as Rebekah and Isaac had their favorite sons, Jacob and Esau. Would I have favorites as Aiden and Corbin grow and change. I don't know, but I sure feel a special place for Addie. I see me in her, both the good and the bad. She is so stubborn and head strong. She has to do it her way and by herself. Great leadership qualities...difficult to teach to.

 This is Adaline Keith Murphy-- or so Addie keeps saying. I guess she hears me say that about Corbin a lot.

Corbin is such the protector and little man of our family. He takes care of Addie and makes sure she doesn't do things she is not suppose to. Goodness how we can hug one minute and push the next.

Corbin will be in kindergarten this fall. We went to kindergarten round up and wow, I was much more emotional about him going to school than I thought. I almost teared up just talking to him about riding the bus.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chuckie Cheese--Eli 5

Turning 5!
Elijah Guernsey
(or in the Murphy house we call Lei)

This post is for Michelle and also a doubler to get her the pictures I took. 

We had never been to CC before and thought "wow, we have arrived." "oh, no what have we gotten ourself in for." and "will the kids keep asking to go back?"

Wednesday, April 11th Eli had a party for close family and friends and being a Wednesday we had a very nice time practically all to ourselves.

Yes, my kids had a ball wanting to do everything in the building.

 They gave the birthday boy a super cool crown laiden with tokens .

Chuckie came out and sang with the kids. Addie just stared at him like am I in a cartoon? There are lots of kids singing and having a great time dancing.

Corbin and Addies favorite thing to do was the free jungle gym. Yay for mom.

Pizza, Sprite and sonic cupcakes were on the menu. What heaven.

We had some kids who liked to dance and some who liked to eat. Eli and Corbin sat and ate.

Here is the adorable birthday boy. I know he had a fabulous birthday. Thanks for letting us share this day with you Eli.

Let me tell you the funniest moment of the night was when Eli went in the ticket blaster. He was so funny, so intent to get tickets, so freaked out at this crazy machine, and so confused as to why he couldn't catch any. His face was priceless. Michelle and I just laughed.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter --- not to forget

 This month has been all about Easter and birthdays! How much fun is that! We have had a blast doing all kinds of fun things. This year we dyed eggs together. We had never done that before. They were so excited.

 Corbin wanted to make sure everything was so so. "Don't touch it Addie!..." he said several times.

 and of course Addie couldn't resist. She wanted to touch everything.

 We also had these little stickers that made people on the eggs. Great fun to make pirates, girls with hair and flowers and drummer boys. These are Addies egg people.

Another first for us was Easter baskets. I had never gotten or made Easter baskets for the kids. This year they were so excited to find them Easter morning.
I'll never forget my father telling us about the Easter bunny. My dad did  not believe in Jesus or go to church until I was eight. So I guess I was about 6 or 7 when we came home from church and he had this grand story about how the easter bunny came with our baskets and he tried to catch him and he got away. I remember how animated he told the story, and of course I believed every word.
We didn't talk about the bunny. Only Jesus here.

 Easter with my three eggs.

After all of the activity of the day I didn't realize that we did not get a full family picture. Ooops.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Late night, but posting

So Aiden is rolling over pretty frequently from his belly to his back. Yea! However this is misery in discise.

Scinario A: Aiden is sleeping in his bed. Somehow he gets to squirming around and rolls from his belly to his back. Suddenly awakening because he likes his warm cozy belly and cheek to be on his warm fuzzy sheet. This awakening is followed by wails of "mommy come help me". So, at 1am, 4:30am and 5am he does this. At 5:30am I go ahead and feed him for his early morning feeding.

Scenario B: Mom half asleep during the next day is trying to get said baby to roll over from his back to his belly, thus not needing to continually wake in the middle of then night to flip her baby. So far to no avail.

Scenario C: Oh yea! I have a triangle wedge, so this prevents little baby from flipping out of his cozy position.

It took many night nap trials from using small pillow to remembering triangle wedge. But we are on the right track now.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I hate this mac

So, decided to get back on the blog scene and see what everyone is up to. I tell you I feel buried at the bottom of the world some days. Somewhere it feels like I put all my personal friendships on hold and work/ministry and babies went whirling on and then I get snipits of my friends and I miss their friendship so.

anyway...I look at the state of my blog and oh my its like the yard over winter. So much in disarray. I don't know what I am doing! I turned in my laptop that I used for work and now I am left with matt's mac. yuck! I hate this thing! I don't know how to use it and don't know where to begin.

So, it may take awhile but I will try and fix this thing