Tuesday, March 31, 2009

cool as a cucumber

"I'm a rock star!"

My little buddy, He is so full of life and energy. I have not really pushed him to use words but he knows more than he lets on. One day I gave him a fig newton and he walks over to Matt and says, "Wanna bite?" He has been using his sign language more. Whenever he wants ( more) and may even say (please). Otherwise he uses his own signs and I let him. 
I have gotten his Easter outfit and while shopping found these sunglasses. He loves them. 

Cool as a cucumber he walks around the house thinking he's big stuff like his daddy. What a little Matt.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The happy little family

We went to the Armstrong wedding last Friday and thought nothing of taking Corbin with us. Um, mistake. It was my turn to watch over Corbin since Matt missed the last wedding. But anyway Corbin is such a big boy it couldn't be hard.  : ) Well, we were in the balcony, blessing for us. Corbin ran around and explored while we waited for the wedding to being. However, when the wedding did begin he wasn't going to sit quiet. He just cried and cried. It was so strange, I couldn't get him to quit. We left the room. I missed all but the last 2 min. Poor little boy. You can tell even at the end of the evening he was not a happy camper. 

Corbin's favorite thing to do outside right now is pick up sticks. If I don't watch he brings them in the house. He is so full of life. I have been intentionally spending lots of time with Corbin this week. Soon his time with mommy will be shared. 

No activity. In fact this week has been pretty calm. I want to hang in there at least till Sunday so that my doctor will be back from vacation. We have the nursery all ready. Corbin is moved out into his new room and all his stuff has been moved out. He loves his new fire truck room. In fact he has not even stepped foot in the nursery since his move. Wow! I thought there might be a little confusion but he is totally happy in his new room. So baby A has everything ready. Clothes in drawers, receiving blankets out, and baby swing ready. I am ready!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

hair cut

I wanted to take a picture of Corbin and his new haircut, but he decided this would be a fun game to let mommy chase him around the house. 

I think he would drink/eat about anything if he was able to use a straw. 
My cutie pie!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Here a few pictures of the new additions to the Murphy farm. Corbin is so fun to watch in the barn. He gets so excited. There were twins born on the Murphy farm last week. They are doing great, as well as mommy lamb. Here are a few pictures I could get in the flurry of the activity.

corbin wouldn't touch the lamb
he liked them better on the other side of the fence
Grandpa is the best in Corbin's eyes

I enjoy going to see the Murphy's. We have so much fun. What a place to have childhood memories.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


When warm weather hits Matt's itch is to dig around in his garage. Forget the other projects that need to be finished, his garage is calling his name. So the past few days he has been tinkering around and "organizing"/"Cleaning it up" Because he can't do the other things with a messy garage. Anyway part of this flurry of activity involved him mounting some cabinets and confiscating some cabinets to put on his wall. 
The confiscated cabinets are the ones I will draw your attention to. If you have been to our house the basement is a bit of a cave where all non-matched and not sure what to do with furniture and other "stuff" is taken until better use. The previous owners had this inset cabinet that Gretchen so rightly named the church basement cabinets. Anyway Matt decided that these would be perfect for out in the garage. I didn't really care, however, there is now a hole where the cabinets were (no paneling to cover the studs) and all the junk we had hid in the cabinets are now stacked willy nilly around the basement. Yeah, no follow through for what he will do with stuff, just I need this so everything else can sit out. 

Is your husband like this?

Any bets on how long or where the stuff will go? or who will end up doing something with it?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Maple Syrup Festival

This saturday was an amazing day to be outdoors. We went with my family to the Maple Syrup Festival in Salem/Henryville. The weather was perfect, the space was crowded, and the company was fantastic. Depending on your age you may be attracted to the festival for different reasons. My dad likes the bluegrass music, the girls like to walk around to the shops, my mom likes running into homeschool families, matt and I like the food, and we found that Corbin likes the games and animals(ranging from dogs to horses)

This was Corbin's favorite game, the little ball was just his size.
Matt chased after Corbin most of the day. Why is it that boys have this urge to be king of the hill. Here Corbin at one decides that this is what he must do. He ended up taking a nose dive down the back side of the mud mound.
Like father, like son. "Just give me a fork. I like it all."

We had a great time together.  After a day of walking and eating maple cotton candy, I needed a rest. Swollen ankles.

We went by the Reid's for dinner after. It was wonderful to have some time to visit. We hadn't had time to visit with just them since they moved in dec. That is unacceptable to me. Eric grilled and Tracey made corn on the cob, baked potatoes, and strawberry shortcake. Yumm! What a way to treat a pregnant lady. LOL.
thanks trace

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well, the doctor had good news today.

70% engaged
head down



What a fun trip we had this weekend. Not the high-energy see everything get away , but the stay in bed and eat all day get away. I am usually too antsy to take a relaxing vacation but when you are 8 months pregnant it feels more natural. 

Matt was so good. He wanted me to choose everything and let me set the pace for our three day trip. He never pushed or acted bored. Which I am sure I would if the shoes were switched. I forgot my camera at home so I'll try and paste some pictures from the internet

We stayed at the Cornerstone Inn downtown Nashville, Indiana.  Matt reserved the spire. So our room is that point. Cool. It had a two man jacuzzi! Wow! As I said we spent most of our time napping and eating. The spring season in Nashville doesn't start until next weekend so we were in this ghost town. It really did feel like a movie set instead of a real town. Monday afternoon we arrived, settled in, and I took a nap while Matt read. He is reading those classics that we have in our library. He finished Dr. and Mr. Hyde while we were in Nashville. 

Next we were off to find any food or entertainment they may have on a monday night. Not much open. We found a wine tasting, yum. No food served there. But took home two bottles of Nectar from heaven. :) After a little hunting we decided to go to the Brown co. park lodge, called the Abe Martin. Later we went to the third smallest cinema in the world. The Lotus Blossom was playing and something genius. We saw Changling. Very good. We were the only two in the 25 seat theatre. The other theatres are located in England and somewhere in Asia. Very cool first day

Tuesday was freezing cold. We took our time getting up and slowly getting to walk around town. There were probably 1/4 the shops open as in high season. We warmed our toes for lunch at the hob knob cafe.

Black bean soup hit the spot for me. Then we picked up some teates at the candy store and went back for a nap. 
Later that night there was to be some live music at the Muddy Boots Cafe. So we decided to make a progressive dinner out of the evening. The music was folk style. Very nice and relaxing. You could tell all of the artsy fartsy locals had dropped by for a chat, latte, and music. We had the humus, garlic spread and olives with our pita bites. I tried lavender tea and matt had two lattes. He was wired for most of the night.  

Our dinner was at Holy Cow and Holy Cow was it gross. This was a steak and fry place. We didn't like any of our food. Luckily we had that appetizer at Muddy Boots. I would not go here if you had to choose.  Later the tub and a movie were just what the doctor had ordered. We watched an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Topaz.

Wednesday was much warmer. The town woke up a little bit. There was more movement about. We walked by the last few shops and had lunch at the Sandwich Place it was full of Bobby Knight memorabilia very neat atmosphere. 

What a perfect getaway. I couldn't have asked for anything better. We did miss Corbin but who wouldn't. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

36 weeks

yes, I am 36 weeks pregnant. We are going to have 2 children. I am going to be a mom again. 
Am I ready? Of course... Gretchen is right in her blog, when we put our life in perspective of God's world/kingdom and not our own then we are always ready. Right? Bad days, tired days, busy days, and wonderful awesome abounding days. 

Yes, I am 36 weeks pregnant and not sleeping. Is this God's way of getting our bodies use to getting up with a new baby? A new baby, awww. I can't wait to hold my new baby. I don't have a baby anymore. Corbin is a little boy. Maybe a Neanderthal but not a baby. : ) 

Yes, I am 36 weeks pregnant and wobbling around. I feel like I have hit that wobble. Everything is awkward to maneuver. I spill things on myself and get my belly wet when doing the dishes and dirty when cooking dinner. I move ever so slowly and don't ask me to roll over in bed in this century. My pants don't fit because they are either too small now or the elastic band doesn't stay on the baby bump anymore but slides down to my hips.

Yes, I am 36 weeks pregnant and getting ready to spend a couple of days away with my honey. Before Corbin was born Matt took me away to St. Louis on what some call a babymoon. You spend that last time before baby. Matt suggested we get away again before baby A. I of course jumped on that idea. Tomorrow we are going to head up to Nashville, IN and stay two nights in a B and B. No big plans. We'll walk around nashville and take a drive around to some of the pretty spots in bean blossom. If it is nice enough outside spend some time at the park for a picnic. I am looking forward to Matt all by myself. No TV, no work, no phone, and for a few days no nearly two year olds. I'll blog about our trip later.

Yes, I am 36 weeks pregnant and the Murphy's lives are about to change forever. Yeah!