Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A trip to the hospital

My little darling was in the hospital last week. Monday afternoon when I came home from working at church I just felt like she wasn't herself. She slept all day and I could tell that she was having a belly ache. That night when I fed her she was pretty hot. So Tuesday morning I took her temp and it was 101.4 I didn't think that it was especially high, but called the doctor's office just to cover my bases. They wanted me to bring her in right away. Because she had only turned six weeks old that day they were very concerned. Dr. Norton was very concerned and told me that although she is on the border line (6weeks) she was still too young to have a fever this high. A fever means that there is virus in her body but with one so little you just don't know what kind. She had no other symptoms that morning, so my gut said lets take her home and watch her for the day. He gave me no instructions just watch for fussiness and her temp. The next morning we came for a follow up and her temp had not gone down. She was fussy and a touch me not. Which I feel like was a symptom of a headache.
We took her to Kosairs to get tested. With babies it could be nothing but it could be Meningitis. We arrived at the ER around 1pm and Addie went through all kinds of tests. They did admit us to a room by 9pm. Wow, I am so thankful Matt could be there with me. It was hard seeing them poke and prod her. Matt went with her to get her spinal tap. All the preliminary tests came back clear but they told us we would have to stay for 48 hours to get the results of the blood and spinal culture.
Her initial blood culture showed bacteria growth-very bad. But they said that they couldn't tell whether it was a contaminate (something had gotten into the culture) or a staff bacteria. Praise the Lord it was a contaminate and her second culture came back fine. We were able to come home Saturday.
The Lord is so good. He was there with Addie and Matt and I. As parents it is so difficult to see your child hurting and not be able to help them . Of course the best help you can offer your child is prayer. God was there comforting Matt and I and truly gave me a peace about her tests. Thank you for all your prayers. Those who were able to come see us in the hospital were a blessing. It is so lonely sitting there all day with your child. I really appreciated all the calls and visits.

My sweet pea
Her little bed looked like a cage.
She was on a heart monitor the whole time.

Her and daddy. Her coos and smiles just melt his heart and mine.

The Lord is my Shepherd, he is there to comfort, heal and guide us.amen

Thursday, May 14, 2009


The Friday Of Oaks Donnie(Amanda's husband) invited us to see the MetLife Blimp upclose and personal. I thought this would be fun. being outside, and free. Amanda was there and we had a great time. Corbin really liked it. We met at Boman Field and got to drive across the airfield. How cool! Addie child out in the sling and slept almost the whole time. The crew that flies the blimp was there to answer any and all questions.

Here Corbin was pulling the rope to move the blimp. He was having so much fun doing what the big kids did.

Here's Corbin in the cockpit. He actually got to ride in it. He and Amanda were flying buddies.

Look at my little guy. It was a bit cool and damp but a great morning. When Corbin was finished with the blimp he ran around in the tall grass. What a fun day.
Thanks Amanda and Donnie!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Second Birthday with Red Boots

Here's my little two year old. He has grown 6 inches over this last year and I don't know how many pounds. His Birthday is April 27th. He was born on a friday at 10:15pm. 7lb. 20.5"

We had a small party for the little guy. He did invite one friend(Eli). He and Eli had a ball playing on the slide and running around in the yard. Corbin has been watching Nemo about everyday for months so we had Nemo balloons and cake.

Here's Corbin in the box of one of his presents. He could entertain himself with anything.

This was also Addie's first birthday party. She slept through the whole thing.

Corbin really liked his cake this year. His little eyes lit up when he saw Nemo. He didn't blow out the candle though he just grabbed the nearest cupcake to him and bit right into the top with all the icing.

You can see from cousin Abby and Aunt Amy's reaction what Corbin thought about the cupcake. He was in sugar shock. His face was so funny. We laughed and said yum. He took another bite. He must have decided that that was not for he because he put the cupcake back and walked away. He liked us singing to him but did not blow out the candle. He's so funny.

But by far his favorite gift was the shinny red mud boots he got from Grandma and Grandpa Murphy. They bought them for when he comes over and helps with the sheep in the barn. What a great gift. He wore them around the house for the next couple of days. We have gone to the barn and broken them in. He loves being with Grandpa working at the farm. The last time we went to the farm Grandpa taught him how to hammer in a nail. As long as Corbin does not hammer at home we are okay.
I love my two year old. There is no way to express how much I love my first born son. Addie isn't quite old enough to share those special feelings but being a mother is amazing. With mother's day coming up and being a brand new mom of a new daughter these feelings are swelling. Corbin is so full of life and enthusiasm. We enjoy every day with him. I am so blessed.
Lately he has been showing these crazy facial expressions and lunging forward holding up one of his arms. It is so funny. The picture I posted of him eating the corn on the cob is a good example of what he does with his eyes. And of course in his mind if he closes his eyes and he cannot see you then obviously you cannot see him either. This is very helpful when he is getting in trouble. He can disappear whenever he wants. :)
What a boy!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Best Buddies

As friends we always want our children to like each other and want to play. Well Michelle and I are doubly blessed. Eli and Corbin are the best of friends and we get to worship together at church. It is so amazing to see our boys play. They just light up whenever we get to visit together and whenever they see each other in church. It is so cool that they are only weeks apart. Corbin and Eli have just turned two so they have moved up to the two year old class at church. They love playing together.

This is Eli, Corbin, and Jenna(rhonda's girl)

Eli had better watch out. Corbin is honing in on his girl.

This is at Eli's 2nd birthday party

The boys playing at our house

No matter where they are they cling to each other and I just think that is precious.