Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

So, how many of you really know what Labor Day is for? I didn't. Neither did anyone I asked on Monday so Matt had to discover the facts. I'll let you look that up on your own.

Anyway, we needed a day out of the house, even though it decided to drop majorly in temperature. Sat 107* Mon 69*
So, jeans, long sleeve, tennis shoes and jackets later we went to the Water Tower and enjoyed the 6th annual Bluegrass Festival
they feature music and burgoo *I had to look up burgoo (apparently very famous in KY)

We took my parents, my sister Lydia, and my brother Adam
I'll post pics later
The wind was brutal and kept blowing in the mics of the performers. So, I don't think I could be a fair judge of the talent but they did okay.

Corbin was in love with his corndog and chasing Addie in circles
Addie was in love with her fries and dancing to the pickin'
Matt, Adam, Mom and Dad loved the corn hole turnament that my parents won!
I loved my burgoo (veggie and meat stew) and holding my redhead that fell asleep.
Lydia, well, I wonder if she had fun. :)

Great day to enjoy even if it was alittle cool!