Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Corbin's World Speeding for the Sharp Bend

We have soo loved our summer together.  Looking back we have stuffed so much into our summer yet I feel like we barely got started.

Some of Corbin's highlights that I have been terrible about blogging, I'll jump through now.

Corbin played soccer in April and May. From day one he said he didn't like it, played and had fun, but come the end of the season he said he still did not like soccer. We had amazing coaches and great kids on the team, just not Corbin's thing. Maybe another sibling will like it. We had a great experience into the sports world. Perhaps we will try basketball this winter.

At the end of the school year Mrs. Mathes' class put on a Kindergarten program to show what they had been learning all year. It blows my mind that they are able to read by the end of Kindergarten.

Most of the boys gave this non committal hug to the young teacher. Mrs. Mathes is the best teacher.

We will miss the kind heart of Mrs. Mathes. I know God is already preparing our teacher for 1st grade.
 Our biggest summer highlights have been anything outdoors.
We went on a family camping trip to Buffalow Trace Park. Great place for family camping with a lake, beach to swim, fishing, and bike riding at every turn.

 Okay, picture the Murphy five all in one canoe. Hold still everyone!
We made it across the lake, but Aiden was done with his confinement and needed out.

 The kids tried to fish. Nothing was biting.

 Beautiful weather and camping.

We had borrowed my parents camper so there was a little relief from the outdoors when needed but Aiden just hated being in there to sleep. Aiden and sleeping made our weekend very challenging.

Corbin also went camping with Matt and Grandpa Murphy for father's day. As you can see he was in the water non stop. Matt said he really didn't leave the water except for meals and sleeping. He had a ball fishing, catching frogs and swimming.

He had much better luck here at Lake Celina. They had this special spot they canoed out to and Corbin never took his life jacket off. Matt said most of the fish were this small but Corbin could not have been happier. Corbin made Matt fry them up for dinner.

 Corbin likes setting up for a picture and wanted to photo shoot all his animals. These three have been inseparable and follow each other everywhere. Mostly it's Corbin leading the way and the other two following.

Both kiddos have become little fish this year. Last year Corbin almost had it, but this year he is unstoppable. He can swim in the deep and even dive off the diving board. Corbin was doing flips off the diving board by the end of the evening. Addie has even surpassed Corbin this year in swimming ability, although as Matt put it she looks like a cat with her head barely above the water. She is fearless.

It is fascinating watching my children grown in skill and knowledge. Corbin is always wanting to learn how to do things for himself. Yesterday he was asking me to show him how to fry his own egg for breakfast. While he is to young to cook on the stove I offered to show him how to scramble his egg and cook in the microwave. He is not a fan of the scramble so he said that I could go ahead and cook his egg this morning.
Both kids make their own beds being only 6 and 4 I am thrilled. When I look at Corbin I just see such a big boy, he is no longer the baby/toddler/or even timid new school boy any longer. This week he told me he didn't want his toys anymore. That big boys don't play toys. I said that dad has toys his shop is full of them. Corbin didn't buy that. He says he wants to be big like a dad. :)
I can't wait to teach Corbin new things this year, both spiritual and earthly. It will thrill my heart to be able to talk to him about a relationship with Jesus and we still have not tackled tying his shoe.
My precious first born getting so big.