Thursday, January 10, 2013

I have a tool for that!

One of Matt's many running jokes is: I have a tool for that.

Well, today I had to remind him that we needed him to find a tool for that.

It was one of the nights we were preparing for our annual Christmas Party and everything was chaos. All the adults were working on projects of cooking, decorating, and cleaning. That means the kids had to fend for themselves for a little while, which usually includes a movie and refilling of the snacks.

It's pretty late (kids time) and I hear Corbin fussing about his finger. Aunt Bekah was downstairs and not to worry. But I hear moans and screams that call for a mother's attention.
Corbin had gotten his finger stuck in the lid of his water bottle. Just pull it out. Right? Despite the protests. Every tug of any kind was met with this scream of pain. Corbin is a very tough kid. He falls or does things to himself with no complaints so this must be pretty serious.

So, we tried it all. Vaseline, oil, running cold water, more twists and tugs. Nothing was working and nothing was budging. We soaked his hand in ice water hoping to let the finger relax from the trauma. While Matt and I discussed our options. Do we take him to the emergency room? We don't want his finger to loose circulation. Can we use a tool to cut it? Too close to the skin.

Well, its worth a shot.

 Just relax Corbin. Dad is a trained professional.

and it worked. The plastic was brittle so off it popped.

The whimpers of relief were escaping from Corbin. You can tell a little bit in the picture that his skin was cut in a ring where we were tugging on the lid. There was no pulling that sucker off without skinning his little finger.

Well, Matt got to use a tool on his kid after all and I bet Corbin will never put his finger in another hole for a long time.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Playing Under the Tree

This little sweet pea is most of my day. I dress him, bath him, feed him, cuddle him, feed him, kiss him, change his diapers, kiss his feet, and on and on the day goes.

He has been fascinated with the Christmas tree.

He would crawl under and play all the time.

Aiden is such a joy. I love being his mama

Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him. Psalm 127:3

Bunco Chicks

I don't think I have ever posted about my bunco chicks before.  I met Melissa Norwood back when I took one of my first master's class and she invited me to fill a spot that was open. 

You have to have a four person table for bunco to work well. So we have grown since the time I joined from an 8 lady group to a 12 lady group.

We are from top left Jeri Carlyle, Ellen Huber, Melisssa Norwood, Amy Niemeier, Michelle Guernsey, Heather Hall,
Bottom Row: Rhonda Morrison, Melanie Murphy, Heather Finn, Kristi Charbonneau and Cheryl Cotner
We are missing Karen McLean and Mary Arnold

This was our Christmas dinner. We choose not to bunco but eat and talk. Mary teaches the paint spot class for ladies and was to come tonight but a foot ouchie kept her at home. So sorry

So, I think that I have been in this group since 2006? It was before Corbin. Maybe earlier. None of us had kids back then. Most of these ladies are teachers.

I have a great time with these chicks. :) So glad I know them.

Scooge - our tradition

We have attended Scrooge so many times I think we can call it a tradition. I believe we have attended five years out of the seven years of production. Mark and Kara Hubbard put on a christian Scrooge play at their church and it is fabulous. 

Corbin was at a great age this year to go. He was laughing and engaged in the entire performance. 

This year we took our life group with us. You can't beat a free show.

Mark is the star of the show. Scrooge

Aiden was not wanting a pic with scrooge.

Here is a miniature scrooge in the making.

Some crazy person. (I don't know which one) Suggested that we go to Culvers after the show. Yes, six kids after bedtime Saturday night at Culvers.
I don't know if your husband is like this, but of course the men sat at their own table and the whole building could have been set on fire by our kids and they wouldn't have known. They were in their own world. Of course the women will take care of everything.

My cutie in his new birthday clothes

Holiday Christmas Tea

My little Adaline is so precious. She is my sweetheart.

My cousin Sara invited us to participate in the Fairy Princess Tea their group was putting on for Christmas. I signed up Addie and I and invited our friends Rachelle and Jillian to go with us.

Princess Tea Party (Sponsored by Christmas at the Galt House): For Saturday, December 1. There will be a variety of entertainment for children, including games and a guest appearance by the Snow Fairy Princess from Christmas at the Galt House.

 We dressed for the occasion and Addie was so excited.

 We made princess crowns, decorated sugar cookies and enjoyed treats.

*I will add more photos when my friend emails them.  While I got photos before we left, I forgot to bring my camera with us.

This is the dress Addie picked out for Christmas

One year banana

My little guy turned 1! December 3rd 2011
At Birth he was 8.3 pounds, born at 11:31a, 22inches long
I would have to look up the baby books to compare how my children's stats compare. 

These two are buddies till Corbin and Dad come home then they almost forget that they know each other. 

The tree is pretty tempting

Aiden is now walking around. He started the week before Thanksgiving.

So this monkey, I mean, we had monkeys and bananas for Aiden's party.

 He loved the bananas on his tray
 All the family came

Here's the birthday boy!
 Grandma makes all the babies first birthday cake. Aiden's is orange.

 This is Aiden's face as we sang Happy Birthday to him. He was so tickled that we sang to him. I bet this is the best moment of his birthday.

 Yum it's good

See not much left
 Toys and clothes were the gifts he received.

Here is a picture of the three of them last year....
 Now the three of them this year!

Me and my new baby...
 Aiden and I at his first Birthday!

Nana always wants a photo with the kids

 Our tradition is to take a pic of the kids with the cupcake to see how they grow from year to year.
 This will be Aiden's first time.

For Aiden's one year appointment he weighs 21.75 pounds, 18inches around the head and 31 inches long. Aiden places average on the national charts. He probably is my smallest little guy at this age. Addie was the monster above all the charts.

Aiden is walking and weaned from nursing. He jabbers dada, mama, ball and bye bye

He likes to push chunky cars around the floor and carry around a small golf ball.

He loves taking a bath and splashes like crazy. He has decided that table food looks much better than his baby food and is learning to drink from a sippy cup.

Aiden holds the record for breaking the most Christmas ornaments. He points at things like he is holding chopsticks with his thumb and pointer finger together. Aiden can climb the stairs but it makes me supper nervous. He sleeps about 10 hours and has 10.5 teeth.

Aiden is so happy and contented. Definitely my best baby. I love my precious boy