Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mom"s 50th

We really surprised mom this year. And you think she'd expect it. I know she knew something was up but she really didn't know it was Friday. She was so surprised when we came home from a girl day and there everything was set up for the part. At first she thought that it was just for our immediate family until she saw the huge cake and all the plates and silverware. What a good surprise. Thank you all who were able to come and make mom's birthday the best one ever. I don't know if she likes this birthday turning 50 but she is doing great.

Friday, June 12th was the big day. Mom and I went out for lunch at Jewel's House of Tea (awsome place) and then had a peticure together. How fabulous. It was great to spend some time just with my mom. She is such a special lady. I am blessed to have her as my mom.

Time with Dad

Matt loves to take off with Corbin. They hop in the car and off they go. None of this check the diaper bag, make sure Corbin has his cup. They just get in and go. Moms and dads are so different. I love watching my two men hang out and bond. This day they went to get fish for the pond and they ended up having ice cream.

Here is Matt with his father on Father's Day. I know Matt really enjoys all the quality time he gets to have with his dad now that they live close and he can call him any time. He even calls him to go to work with him. Not to mention Grandpa Murphy is Corbins favorite person. Way to go Murphy men.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Street Wedding

Anna's younger sister Alisa was married in June. This means that Anna was home for a few weeks. She was so consumed with helping with the wedding that I didn't get to see her until the wedding but I did get to meet her new little boy Florian and she got to meet my new little girl.
The reception hall was beautiful. So nice, with a sit down dinner for everyone. The bride was breathtaking and the groom beaming.

This is Florian, Anna's little boy, born March 12th.
Corbin and Aurelian played during photos. Aurelian is 3. He is so cute speaking english with his French accent.

My baby girl! All in her pink.

Mom, Liz, and Lydia all got to go with us. A very nice wedding. Addies first.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A boy of 2

What does a boy of two like to do? Well the day begins with toast and dry cereal. He likes to slowly wake up with breakfast and a chat with dad. Now that it is summer he loves playing outside as soon as I'll let him out the door.

Corbin likes to rock his sister and watch her movements.
He loves playing outside in his hat. He has gotten pretty brave on his tricycle from uncle mark and his little car. Did you know that the number one car sold last year in the United States is Corbins Little Tike car? What a popular kid. :)
Anyway he'll back up his car/ or trike up to the garage and scream down the hill toward where the bucket truck parks. Wow! So far no wipe outs.
He also loves playing in the rock pile. Instead of sand we have gravel in the turtle. That way there is less mess.
He just enjoys running around, chasing birds, and yelling at whatever catches his eye. He has this move where he shouts to the sky while he is lunging forward with a stick raised to the air. I don't know what he is saying or who it is meant for, but I'll pretend he is communicating with the Lord. Corbin is so much fun to watch.

Apple is one of his newest words and his current favorite fruit. It use to be watermelon and before that bananas.

My little guy is so full of life. What fun we have. Soon there will be three of us running in the yard. If Addie decides she wants to be a mover like corbin one day.


Don't you just love the coos and smiles!? Addie is so adorable. She is 11 weeks old and full of sweetness. She is such a good sleeper and when she is awake she is so content. What wonders a few weeks will do at this stage of life. Addie has slept till 6am. the last three nights! Wow! Praise God!

big brother Corbin loves to help out. He especially likes to jam the paci down her throat. I really have to watch out when he wants to "help". Yes Corbin has only a diaper on. I don't remember the catastrophe that day, but he must have mucked up his clothes from being outside.

Addie really likes to chew on her fingers and hands. Someone asked if she was teething. She is a bit young for that but I haven't checked. I think she'll keep her brown hair. Mom said that from birth to two months I had dark hair and by three months old it had all fallen out and I have had blond hair ever since. Addie has also found her fingers today. She just looked at them. See how observant she is?

Adaline is my little angel. I love talking to her and watching her light up at my voice. Her chunky cheeks are so cute. You just can't kiss them enough. I am enjoying getting to know this precious child. She is so different from Corbin. She is content to sit and watch what is happening. He was all wiggles and movement when he was even that young.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Murphy Family Time

Miss Melanie came to visit Mother's Day Weekend. It is always so wonderful to have her and her family come up when they can. Melanie came by herself this time. I wish we could have seen Karl and the Kids but perhaps another day.
Here is Auntie Melanie with little Addie. Melanie had made dinner for the family to give Carolyn time out of the kitchen.

Not long after her visit Feona had her triplets. They are Shetland and Finn cross. Currently Feona has her hair shaved but when it is grown out it makes her look like a cotton ball with legs. You know those sheep figurines that are all puffy? The little lambs are so soft and adorable. They were very small.
My Aunt Terri and Melba Jones went out with us to see the Murphy farm and the new sheep. This is also Adalines first visit to the barn.

Corbin likes the sheep but doesn't know how he feels about the momma. She is a little bigger than him.

Mother's Day

Well, I'm quite behind on my blog. So, I'll do a little catch up.

Mother's day is always wonderful. We get to remember why we enjoy our new life's calling and how it blesses us, and how we can do better.
This year we dedicated little Adaline to the Lord. This is a ceremony we have at church that allows us to state in front of the whole church that we are committing our family to a relationship with Christ. We commit to pray and nurture our children to serve the Lord as well.

After church we had my mother and family over for a wonderful meal. Here is the salmon that we grilled. Wow! It turned out great. I'll definently do this again.

Later we went to the Murphy's to celebrate with Matt's mother. Melanie (matt's twin sister) was in town from Memphis to spend time with Carolyn and see baby Addie. I'll post pictures of her visit.
I love my mother and am so blessed to have an opportunity to be a mother to my two darlings.