Monday, December 29, 2008

Slowing down

Whew... I have been such a party pooper these last few days. I have started off okay and then bam! The I am so tired I could crawl in bed right now, wall hits.
I am so blessed to have family and friends to see and spend the holidays with. It truly is rewarding to see how happy we all are to see each other. Of course Corbin steals most of the attention. Which is good, I want him to be wanted at every ones house.
We spent Christmas Eve with the Jones', this use to end with midnight mass all together. However, with child we cannot make it that long. Christmas Day was spent at home for the morning and then at my parents for the rest of the day. (next year we will be spending more time at home with our little family and either another day with my parents or just dinner with them. Friday, we were at the Murphy's which I blogged last about. Friday night Anna called and we met up Saturday in Lexington. Lexington is about a middle point for me and her parents. This is where her sister Amy lives. We meet up there and then spent the afternoon till after dinner with Anna, Antione, Amy, and Johnson. Aurelian is so adorable mixing his french and english. He has been using the english words he knows but they have this cute little french accent to them. He is so precious. Aurelian is a year older than Corbin. They had fun playing in the back yard on such a warm day. Sunday was Christmas with the Smiths (my mothers side of the family). We did manage to get home by 8:45 last night. I put Corbin to bed then myself. Thank the Lord he slept well all of these nights. Naps were another story but not too bad, I guess.
Today has been laundry and yes, the couch.

I have labs early in the morning and another ultrasound by 9am. Pray the placenta has moved and the chambers of the heart are healthy. I'll let you know the stats of the baby! :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at the Murphy's

Carolyn and Keith had us over for the Murphy's Christmas on the 26th. We had an amazing time today. Carolyn had prepared a seven course meal for Christmas Dinner! Wow, is right! She is such a good cook and everything she makes is delicious, but today she really went above and beyond. My favorite was the pecan crusted chicken and the cherry banana bread. Everything was fabulous.
Here are the founders of the feast...

She had a beautiful table set and all of her Christmas china out. She even created a menu to show us what each course would include.

Corbin took his nap during dinner (which we Matt voted to have at 12:30 instead of the normal 5pm). It was nice to have time to talk with Carolyn and Keith and eat dinner without having to make sure Corbin is doing what he is suppose to. :)

Corbin had a ball playing with the cats and opening presents. The toy drill was by far his favorite gift this year. He played with the drill for hours. I don't know how long the batteries are going to last in that thing. Corbin loves going over to Grandma and Grandpa Murphy's. They have all the fun animals (sheep, lama, dog, and cats) and he gets to explore wherever he pleases.
Corbin is wearing a sweater that Grandma knitted. It is so cute...There is a penguin with snowflakes.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Is It In You?

Check this utube video out.
What would you sound like?

Merry Christmas!

Well, Good Morning. :)
We are trying to come up with a Christmas breakfast that is not done throughout the year but one that could be our tradition every Christmas. So, this year we are trying carmel honey buns. As with most projects I undertake, they take more time than I thought. It is one of those rising bread things. I have been up since 6:15 kneading dough and letting it rise. It is nice to be the first one up on Christmas morning. Nice to have some reflection time in the quiet of my kitchen. What a blessed day it is going to be. The sun is just now peeking out and I am almost ready.
Hope they rise and taste good...
Love you guys, Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mark and Corbin

Friday night when Matt and I went out for my birthday Corbin hung out with Uncle Mark and Aunt Kara. :) They had so much fun. I don't know if the Hubbards had more fun or Corbin. Kara pulled out some horses that Julie and Lauren had and Corbin was set for the evening. Corbin has not stayed there without us before but I think he was glad the had the whole family to himself.

Mark gave Corbin his first Piano lesson

Now he's a professional, any requests?

Buddies for life...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Whisky for Sale

Bet you didn't see this coming Gretchen?!! :) LOL

A neighbor gave Matt this Blended Scotch Whisky that he brought back from when he was at war. I would guess the man is eighty now, you do the math. Matt and I, not being scotch drinkers have held on to it thinking we would find a place to sell or trade it. Well, that was five years ago and I found it while cleaning the pantry. 

So, if anyone is interested or knows where we can sell them let me know. :)

Anyway= here is the info and you can let me know what you think. 
Wine- Martini & Rossi 
product of Italy, Vermouth Extra Dry, The label is pretty damaged and I can't get anything else off of it. It is slightly larger than the other two bottles. 
I did not send the photos for this one but can if you think it will go anywhere. 
Blended Scotch Whisky- Usher's Green Stripe 
As you can see in the photos it is sealed, maybe during customs, 
Produced in Scotland, Proof 80, blended by J&G Stewart Ltd, ESTD 1779, 750ml(25.4 fl oz) 
Scotch Whiskies-Cutty Sark 
Blended Scots Whisky, 86 proof , 4/5 Quart 
Berry Bros&Ruddl, product of Scotland 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Can we make bread?

Here is my cutie prompting me to spend some quality time with him. 

Doesn't this look like Matt? Look at those cheeks and jaw. 
My little doll baby. I am trying to picture him and a little sister tottering around together. I can't wait. Little Addy, as I constantly call my baby, does summer salts all evening long. I don't notice it near as much when I am busy during the day. 6 months and counting... Wow, March is going to come so fast. I have not even let myself think about labor, especially since we don't know what I am going to have to do, but lately my mind has been taking me to what needs to happen and how I need to prepare for the next three months.  They will go so fast. Dec. 30th is our next visit. I have my glaucoma test, iron checked, ultrasound, and doctors visit. Yeah, I know it is going to be an early and long morning. Pray that the ultrasound shows all four healthy heart chambers (which they were not able to see, due to baby movement the first time) and that the placenta has moved to the upper part of my uterus. 
As for Corbin, I have a few things I want to research and do with him before the baby comes. After the holidays I want to transfer him into his new room and most of all his new toddler bed. I have expressed apprehension about this already. But I am sure all anxiousness will be for nothing. I would like to reexamine vaccinations. Corbin is nearing the 2 year old mark and all of my research was flagged younger than 2. So, so I want to get vaccines now? Where would I start? What would be beneficial? I'll need to have his well doctor visit soon. I have really neglected Corbin's health reading like I was so faithful with early on. Like, am I suppose to be using a big boy toothbrush now, or still the baby finger brush? I need to do a little toddler research. You think you get things under your belt and then they grow leaps and bounds and things change all over again
Well, I have rambled long enough. Any advise

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sing your little heart out

Lydia was in our church musical last Sunday. She has such a talent for singing. I know she is my baby sister and all but wow. She has really grown in her musical skills this past couple of years. She has such  a good voice. Everyone at church was commenting how they can't wait to hear her up  with the praise team. :) That's my sister. 
She had two solos and a duet. The girl next to her is nine. Lydia is so small for her age. 

"A King is Coming to Town"

My camera didn't take very good photos from the back row. Boy oh Boy, Corbin was in no mood to sit quite that night. We were in the back row and still had to leave the sanctuary with him. Matt helped a lot. 
Oh, Lydia is the blond in the pink shirt to the left.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Shopping Day

What a fun day out with my sisters! We went all over town. The spend thrift that I am... looking for deals anywhere to be found we began our day at the Goodwill. What? Corbin won't know the unpackaged presents from the newly bought. LOL. So our day began. I guess I need to remind anyone who did not leave the house today that it did rain. My knees to toes where soaked and my hair not the same as when I fixed it before I left home. :) But Corbin was with Aunt Lizzy and the other three sisters groggily got in the volvo to being our full shopping day.
You know being out in Corydon all of my city visits must be intentional. So I did not have any of the gifts that you stop by for on your way home from work with no kids. Usually I stop and get things months before Christmas as I see sale adds and specials. So, I had a lot of shopping to do today.
As I said we started at Goodwill-only found one board book, hit Big Lots, the closing Kmart in Clarksville, and Once Upon a Childhood. These were my hoping for a deal spots. I did score at Once Upon a Child. We also went to Bass Pro and Lowes (guess who that was for), Toys R Us, and Sears. Just in the nick of time, actually 30 min. late, we were back on the road and it was 3:45pm. All day only one state. I thought we would make it to "the mall" but nay, time eluded us. ;)
It was a fun day on the shopping seen. Terrible busy but I am sure not like tomorrow will be. Now to hide all the booty till I can get it wrapped.
The rush to get home was due to celebrating my birthday. We went to applebees (best ribs in town) and saw Yes Man. Jim Carey was hilarious. I was not in the mood to cry all evening so opted not to see 7 pounds. Nothing sounded terribly interesting but I was really wanting an evening out. Yes man was good. There was language and some sexual crudeness that was close to ruining the movie for me. The packed theater of 13 year olds (we were the oldest in the theater) was way too young for such humor. I am a prude but happy to be so. Very funny movie.
Had to make dressing/stuffing late so here I am getting my blog in before bed, so it still counts as friday.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Does this look like the face of a 31 year old woman? Well, today is the day I have to roll the year over. Matt made me breakfast and I was able to just relax in the tub this morning, although prego belly makes some movement a little challenging. :)
I think back to what my mother was like at my new age. She had two children: myself-12, Adam-10, and a baby less than a year. She did some babysitting at home for a little extra money and took care of the lot of us.
Wow! I can't imagine having a 12 and 10 yr old right now. It just shows how old I'll be when my children get older.
Life is great! God is so good and always provides what you need when you need it.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Party

What a fun night! Thanks everyone for coming and making merry. :)
I know we already have some posts for the party but I wanted to include those photos of Tracey on the drums and Eric on the guitar. It was so much fun watching everyone sing and play. To bad I had a sore throat and couldn't embarrass myself. LOL.

Right before dinner

Rock Band with the crew :)

What a fun time. 
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Christmas Tree

Every year the Murphy's go to a tree farm and cut our own live tree for the holiday. This year we went to Meyer Tree Farm outside of Greenville. We usually go to Hubers but we thought we'd try something closer. This new farm was not the Huber's that we like. No hayride to the tree. No hot cider after. But it was closer and cheaper. We took our own cider and had a nice little hike out to find the perfect tree. It took us to the edge of the farm, but we found an acceptable tree. :)
Corbin had a ball just walking around in the tall grass. He was so funny. Falling down and getting up. 

This always puts us in the mood for Christmas. We have cookies and listen to christmas music as we put our tree up. This also kicks off the decorating, cleaning, and cooking that gets us ready for our annual christmas party. More on that tomorrow...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Let's take a look back...

Let's take a look back at thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving day we always celebrate with the Jones'.
This evening we were able to celebrate in Terri, Melba, and Mary Alice's newly remodeled kitchen. They had provided most of the meal, which was fabulous. I brought the relish tray.

Here you can see all four of us. :)

We also were able to have dinner with my mothers side of the family Friday. 
Matt's parents went down to be with Melanie in Memphis.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Freezing with no freezer

Well, sometimes it rains and then it pours. Right before thanksgiving our dryer was not working properly. It wouldn't dry anything. So this friend from church came and fixed it. It worked one time then died for good.  After looking around for a second hand dryer we got one for free. After going three weeks with hanging clothes on racks it was so nice to not have cardboard to dry with. LOL. My parents ended up buying brand new front loaders which, praise God, enabled us to have their old dryer for free. It is fifteen years or more but still works and allows us to not have to purchase one.  All this to say..... the day before our christmas party our freezer died. It was a nice big deep freeze. But when you freezer dies you can't just hand the meat on racks like the clothes. :) We searched for a second hand freezer today and found one for a great deal. It is older but for little money. God helped us again. Thank the Lord we did not have to buy a new one. 
This little domestic story is for gretchen. :) Two posts in one day. No pictures, but wowsers!

Corbin's first Big Mac

Corbin and I were out late working at the church. We had a christmas breakfast for the kids Dec. 6th and were trying to get everything ready. Anyway pregnant hungry mama needed food and so did munchkin. McDonald's called our name. After Tracey's big mac story I thought a big mac would be just the thing for us to share. Corbin liked his bites of big mac, but gravitated toward the fries, as all kid do. He loves to dip them in ketchup. He dips them then sucks the ketchup right off. No bite of fry till after a few dips. :)
So now corbin will not go his whole life not having the best hamburger in the fast food industry. :O)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Still Learning

Well, after my last post I still am not very familiar with the best way to post. I have learned that if you are going to use any photos you need to upload them first. Anyway this is the rest of October but I just needed a fresh start since I had to redo my photos with each new entry.

The Reids and us went to PFChangs for dinner one night. Wow! Loved it! Here is our dessert, the wall of chocolate.

Matt is such a sweetie. Actor's Theater put on Pride and Prejudice and I really wanted to go. Matt bought us tickets and we had a great date night. Beginning with the Spaghetti Shop our evening started early. Matt got the Italian meatloaf, he would not recommend this dish, and I got the potpourri, a hodge podge of four different dishes. I should have stuck with the one I knew that I would like, but it was fun to try them all.
The play was great! We had great seats on the balcony. In fact, I don' t think there is a bad seat in the house. Matt endured the play and even seemed to enjoy the funny parts. The actors did a fabulous job taking on the quirk's of the characters. Wonderful evening.

Corbin has been struggling to fall asleep when it is time for his nap. I'll hear him playing in his bed flip flopping around and who knows what all... One day I went in to check on him and see if he did fall asleep I found my WWE wrestler in the bed with sheet off and happily asleep.

We do not celebrate Halloween, but our church has an event to reach out to our community and we went to help out. The theme of the carnival was Pioneer. Corbin and I just dressed country. Little Eli Guernsey came as this adorable scarecrow. Corbin loved playing with the yarn fringe on his collar, which is suppose to be the straw. They had such a good time. They are best buds.
There was a clown there with bubbles. Corbin spent at least 45 min. chasing and popping the bubbles he blew. What a great clown. :)
This wraps up October. We had our first ultrasound this week(Tuesday). I love getting to see the baby. It makes the reality of a new baby more concrete for me. I'll scan in the ultrasound pictures next week. The baby is healthy and moving constantly. I do need your prayers. Right now I have placenta previa. Which means that the placenta is completely blocking the exit door. I am praying that it moves to the top of my uterus. If around week 29 of my pregnancy they do another ultrasound and the placenta has not moved I need to prepare for another c-section. This does not cause problems for me or the baby it just means I could not deliver the baby naturally. So please help me pray that the placenta moves.