Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adaline Lynn Murphy Birthday #1

What a great day we had Saturday! Little miss tea cup had a great party. We had an amazing day, great family and friends to celebrate with, Italian food, cake and punch, and a beautiful little girl to celebrate.

Addie was in such a great mood. She such a precious one.

She was so funny opening presents. She sat in her little chair and watched everyone oo and aah at her. Her favorite thing was reading/eating her cards. Too cute

Amy and the girls got Addie that adorable swimsuit you see on the chair. It is so much fun having new babies and toddlers in our family again. They bring so much life to our family get together.

Now when it came time for the cake Addie looked at it and then at me as if to say "Are you sure you are letting me eat sugar?" So what does she do. She gives it back to me. I let her have a bite and that is all she wrote. Now she wants to eat everything we are eating. Sweet or not.

Ths is the famous big brother. He ran and played the entire time. He didn't even sit still long enough to eat dinner. How could he not with Nana and Peepaw, Grandma and Grandpa, Mark and family so many of his favorite people all here to play with him.

Happy Birthday my precious girl!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Addie's First

There will be many firsts for our baby girl, but April 7th is her first birthday! Yay! One of the ways we celebrated today was to paint her fingernails. So, today Addie has had her first day with painted toe nails and fingernails. So cute.
Addie is cutting her top teeth so she has been quite the fussy little girl.
We are going to celebrate her birthday Sat. My baby girl's first birthday. :)
One of the firsts we are looking forward to are her first steps and the first time she says "I love you."

My precious one....