Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mickey and Minnie

Well, my two children are both born in April. This year I wanted to have their birthdays together. So you will meet our Mickey and Minnie Mouse kids. :)

Corbin is now four- nearing the end of his first year in preschool. He loves playing outside and you often hear him say he's going to work and then heads out the door. Corbin is my funny boy. He has lately enjoyed singing and can say the entire pledge of allegiance.

Adaline is now 2. She is my little cuddle bug and daddies teacup. Adaline would love to go to preschool with Corbin and tells him bye and I love you everytime we drop him off. She is into everything and loves to climb. She is beginning to count and loves to talk and sing.

Uncle Adam and Aunt Dana gave Corbin Mickey ears awhile back and Corbin was too little to know about them. When I got them out for his Mickey party he danced around the house saying he was Mickey Mouse. He and Addie like to watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse.

I made Addies ears. What a fun day to spend with my kids. They are so fun. I really like 2 and 4.

Mom got some better pictures I'll have to post some more later.