Thursday, November 6, 2008

Still Learning

Well, after my last post I still am not very familiar with the best way to post. I have learned that if you are going to use any photos you need to upload them first. Anyway this is the rest of October but I just needed a fresh start since I had to redo my photos with each new entry.

The Reids and us went to PFChangs for dinner one night. Wow! Loved it! Here is our dessert, the wall of chocolate.

Matt is such a sweetie. Actor's Theater put on Pride and Prejudice and I really wanted to go. Matt bought us tickets and we had a great date night. Beginning with the Spaghetti Shop our evening started early. Matt got the Italian meatloaf, he would not recommend this dish, and I got the potpourri, a hodge podge of four different dishes. I should have stuck with the one I knew that I would like, but it was fun to try them all.
The play was great! We had great seats on the balcony. In fact, I don' t think there is a bad seat in the house. Matt endured the play and even seemed to enjoy the funny parts. The actors did a fabulous job taking on the quirk's of the characters. Wonderful evening.

Corbin has been struggling to fall asleep when it is time for his nap. I'll hear him playing in his bed flip flopping around and who knows what all... One day I went in to check on him and see if he did fall asleep I found my WWE wrestler in the bed with sheet off and happily asleep.

We do not celebrate Halloween, but our church has an event to reach out to our community and we went to help out. The theme of the carnival was Pioneer. Corbin and I just dressed country. Little Eli Guernsey came as this adorable scarecrow. Corbin loved playing with the yarn fringe on his collar, which is suppose to be the straw. They had such a good time. They are best buds.
There was a clown there with bubbles. Corbin spent at least 45 min. chasing and popping the bubbles he blew. What a great clown. :)
This wraps up October. We had our first ultrasound this week(Tuesday). I love getting to see the baby. It makes the reality of a new baby more concrete for me. I'll scan in the ultrasound pictures next week. The baby is healthy and moving constantly. I do need your prayers. Right now I have placenta previa. Which means that the placenta is completely blocking the exit door. I am praying that it moves to the top of my uterus. If around week 29 of my pregnancy they do another ultrasound and the placenta has not moved I need to prepare for another c-section. This does not cause problems for me or the baby it just means I could not deliver the baby naturally. So please help me pray that the placenta moves.

Happy Fall

October has been a great month! Here are some highlights...

Matt turned 34 on October 4th, so he and his twin sister decided that since they were too far to celebrate together they would do the few things they could. Celebrate at the same restaraunt at the same time. We went to Amerigos, which is the new restaraunt that took over Harpers on Hurstbourn lane. They had a little pond out front with a fountain that Corbin just had to see.

Nana and Corbie watching the ducks

Come sit down here with me everyone

Great Italian food! Everyone loved what they had, especially Eric who got the Salmon on the cedar plank. Matt requested a Grasshopper Pie and Carolyn made a Strawberry Pie. Wow what a treat. I love celebrating with friends.

We never did go camping this fall. Bummer! Fall in our home is usually marked with a camping trip at some point in the season.

However, we did get to go to the pumpkin patch...

Deer Farms

This was the mini maze. They had a huge maze for the childless. Ha Ha

We had a great time with Steve, Jamie, and Cooper Lee. Jamie was actually the master mind behind our fun day. thanks for planning this Jamie!

Paul, Gretchen, Pierce, and Hope Bush came and Eric, Tracey, and Levi Reid came.

We were thinking more like hot chocolate on the hayride but instead we were quite toasty. Jamie joked that we should be hunting for seashells on a day like this instead of pumpkins.

So... off we went in the wagon to the pumpkin patch. We were told how enjoyable the long hayride would be however just beyond the treeline, which was an easy walk, lay the far pumpkin patch. :) It was nice for the toddlers to ride in the wagon. We all picked out pumpkins (which the Murphys never did carve like they planned) What a good day. We took our lunch and sat under the walnut trees and went out for ice cream after.


Bush Family

collecting our pumpkins

my boys, aww