Monday, February 1, 2010

Two little teeth

Yes, It has happened at last!
Addie has gotten two little toophers. Our nights are much more peaceful and she is so much happier now that the teeth have made an appearance. Here is a little update on my precious one.

Adaline Lynn

Light brown hair-hopefully to turn blond
-Baby fine and still not long enough to beret or pony.
-Often sticks up on the right side. :)
Chubby cheeks-from her father
-so soft and kissing worthy
Two teeth!-with more in progress
Cute pot belly that is quickly sticking out of her 9month shirts telling me to move her into the next size.
Little pudgy hands that like to wave, clap, grab and point her right pointer finger. She breaks out in giggles when you point and wiggle your finger up to hers. Her little clap is so fun.
Rolly polly leggums- She loves to crawl, bounce, and walk along the hearth below the fireplace.
Thick precious feet that never want to wear shoes- Addie's feet are not quite as square or thick as Corbins were but similar. She takes off her shoes and socks constantly.
My little girl is such a jabber jaws. She loves making noise, talking with herself and Corbin.
My precious one.