Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas has past

Unbelievably Christmas and the rest of 2011 has past. It is so strange that we are actually in a new year. Remember when you had to write a letter to yourself or at least project what you would be doing or be like 20 years from now when you were in grade school? I remember thinking man, a 30 year old would be so old. Or , I'll be on the beach somewhere teaching impoverished children somewhere.

Well here we are... three children, married 10 years, stay at home mom. Wow!

Christmas at my moms- we stayed home Christmas Day and the day after Christmas.
Friday we had Christmas with moms side of the family (smiths) and Friday dads side (jones)

Here is my little shephard boy

Corbin loved decorating his tree. He says it's his best tree ever. We like the name our friends gave it, " the Dave Ramsey tree."

What kinds of things did you write about in your grade school letters?