Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random pics

Well, I am a home body anyway, but now I feel like the world is standing still. I mean two weeks and nearly no activity out of the house. It's not that I feel like going out, but I am getting a little antsy. No really, I feel great. My body is nearly returned, although they strongly discourage all activity for six weeks. It will be nice to excersize and resume all normal activity, but still four more weeks. Baby Addie is great! she sleeps for four hours at night, feeds, and then sleeps another couple. So, I do get to rest. The day is super busy with little Corbin. He really misses playing outside. I cannot let him go out alone and it is too cold to take the baby out. He has to wait till daddy gets home to go out and play. We have had visitors here and there. The church and now friends have been bringing meals. We are so blessed and feel so loved!
Here are few pics. Enjoy.

After her 2nd sponge bath
Peepaw and Great Aunt Terri Jones
Corbin cuddles during a movie

Wow! My new baby sister!

The trip home from the hospital

Saturday, April 18, 2009


This Easter was so special because of our new family memeber. All three of us are in love with our new baby girl. Baby girl and I stayed home this morning while dad and Corbin went to church. They are so handsome dressed up.

Love my little family!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Here Comes Baby A

Monday, April 6th I had my doc appointment to see if everything was going okay with the baby. (you know since I was 6 days over due). Everything looked great and doc said that after our exam I would probably go into labor that night. Yes, indeed. I had cramping all evening and at 12:30am labor woke me. I walked around the house for a little bid trying to countractions and deciding if that is what was really happening. I had contractions every 4 to 7 min. Yes, this truly was labor. I called my mom at 1am to come over. You could tell that she really would rather wait if I wasn't sure, but I said yes, I need you here. She arrived at 2am with Lydia. Lydia was going to stay the night and be here for Corbin when he woke up. At this point I had to really breath through every contraction and my back would really seize up and tighten. They were 2-3min apart and 45-60 seconds long. Labor was coming fast and steady. No time to relax, or pack to leave. I called Amy (my doula) and she talked me through a few contractions and she met us at the hospital. We left for the hospital a little after 3am.
Here is matt's expression when it was time to go.

Here was Corbin's expression when he found out where and why we were gone.
Just kidding.

My water broke in the hospital parking lot. I was 5cm when we arrived. Labor was still fast and steady and painful. By this point I couldn't get the pain in my back to subside, no matter what I did. So, this is what they call back labor. By 7ish they checked me again and I was only 7cm. Addie was unreactive. How could she be so still during all of the laboring going on. I was overwhelmed and exhausted by this point and needed help. After the epidural my body relaxed and let go of all that tension. They let me rest for over an hour and then we were ready to push. I pushed for 45 min and Addie was born. We could not believe the long dark hair! First a red head now this dark hair! I am so happy with my little girl. : ) I'm in love.

Dinner out

Before Addie was born we went to Mark's Feedstore for a little family night out. Matt was trying to get Corbin to show his muscles here.

This is how much Corbin likes his corn on the cob. Life is good.

He had a great time and mommy was happy to have dad take care of dinner.

The two weeks before Addie was born Matt really made a huge effort to help out with Corbin and meals. He would fix breakfast everyday and many nights help or take care of dinner. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband.

Adaline Lynn Murphy

It's a Girl!
April 7th, 2009
8 pounds 21.5 inches
Can you believe all of that dark hair!
Happy Birthday!

It's a Girl! AWWW.... happy mamma.