Sunday, March 18, 2012

What has been your favorite mom moment?
I love it when they say I love you and hug me out of the blue. or when their eyes light up and you can feel the love beaming out of them.

Mine are still too young to make many connections to a personal relationship with Jesus, I'm sure that will be the best.

At our bible bookstore in town they have this five dollar sales shelf right next to the register and Corbin was with me, he picked up a book right away and started looking through it. Without looking I admonished him because at 2years old I didn't want him to break or tear anything that I would then have to buy. He said, "I just wanted to read the Bible mommy." Sure enough he had picked up a Bible and was "reading" it. What can you say to that! We gently laid it down for someone else. :)