Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I have to update some pictures from this summer, but wanted to make a post before I couldn't remember my way back here.

So this pregnancy has flown by so far. I am about 27weeks along.

Did you ladies like being pregnant? I think its neat feeling the life of your baby moving around inside. I am very blessed to not be sick. However, I do subcome to the regular grumpy mom syndrome. I don't like being easily annoyed or agitated but it strikes often. The worst side affect of this pregnancy is the veins that are showing on my legs. The doctor says they may or may not go fade away after the birth. My right leg by my calf is very bad and they hurt. I cannot stand a lot without them aching. Compression socks will be my friend when the weather cools down.

I am chronically tired. Today was very much a testament to that. Took a two hour nap with addie and don't really feel rested at all.

Corbin loves touching my belly and talking about the baby. He wants a boy like his friend Jansen, but if he has to he will take another girl like addie, he says. Addie is oblivious to the concept of a baby in my belly, but chatters like crazy about every baby she sees that we pass in the store. Our life will be very different soon.

I love the verse that God tells us how before we were born He knew us an formed us. God is with this little one and preparing us to right for each other.
I love you already little one.