Saturday, September 28, 2013

Thing One and Thing Two

We had the pleasure of going to celebrate the twins birthday's! What a fun time for the whole family. Michelle had gone all out to make sure it was absolutely adorable. I loved all her colors and details for the party. 

It is so much fun to watch the boys, they have such distinct personalities and are so different.

Gabe and Mama

The singing and cake were very entertaining.

The anticipation what what the boys will do with their cake...

lots of people and glare of the sun, but you will see all soon.

In the meantime the other kiddos were off playing super rider crash cars. Jumping from pink jeep to red tractor and over to the John Deere jeep.

Give my little boy a Tonka and rocks and he is set.

He did check out a ride with big bro

Handsome stuff right there...
 but I digress, back to the cake ...


boom...there it is. Think One is into the color and bringing color to his face.

Think Two was not too messy but crash and destroy.

I cannot believe these little guys are already one. With a rough year last year, this celebration is very welcomed and everyone is rejoicing and praising Jesus for these two special blessings.

Here are the big guys with cake.

 We are a split family, mama and son love the chocolate and father and daughter like the vanilla.

Happily this guy says cheese and doesn't squirm for the camera.

 Here are our beautiful friends! Love you guys and look forward to even more memories with our boys growing up together. Now that we have another boy on the way the Murphy team will be able to keep up with your three. :)

Cool ending to the evening; the Lanesville Heritage weekend is going on at the same time and they had this balloon show/race. Three of the balloons landed in the Guernsey neighborhood. So fun. Aiden was going nuts! And the other kiddos thought it pretty cool too.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Disney On Ice with my Tinkerbell

When I heard about Disney on Ice coming to town, I remembered my mother had taken me back when I was small. I still remember when I got to go and wanted to take my two older ones.

Corbin was to have a campout with Matt so Addie and I invited some friends and bought our tickets. 

How much fun to go see our favorite Disney characters dressed as one yourself. Here is my precious Tink

When I told Addie what we would be doing while Corbin went camping with dad, she about cried with delight. So happy and delighted to see this wonderous sounding show.

Rachelle, Jansen, Jillian and us got to see Disney at the new Yum center. Such a nice facility. There was not a bad seat to be had.
 During the show Jillian and Jansen sat in quiet mezmerization, ....

while Addie was literally dancing out of her skin.

But during intermission Jillian gushed about how much she loved it and couldn't pick just one part that she loved about the show.

Jansen loved the lion king set.

Addie loved the princess'.

I knew during intermission there would be time to get snacks and planned on letting Adaline pick out something she liked. We bought an ice and cotton candy and it cost $24! Yikes!

They had such a good mix of characters that came out for an apperance. My favorite princess did not show. Sleeping Beauty. Today Addies' favorite was Cinderella.

Addie was also sad that Belle didn't wear her long yellow dress, she had on a short ice skating one.

We had such a good time. I so enjoy watching Adaline enjoy going to do something like this. I think she will remember this fun night for a long time. Maybe even till she is a grown mother herself and taking her little ones.

If I'm correct, I saw Disney on ice when I was about 6 at the Grand Theater.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Trains, in-laws and automobiles

While I have never seen the movie, Trains, Planes and Automobiles, I thought it funny to use here and oh so appropriate. We were in the automobile two hours. We were in the train three hours, and we were with my in-laws the whole time. 

The Bardstown Dinner Train and Murder Mystery was the gift Matt and his twin sis Melanie gifted their parents with for the magnificiant 40th wedding anniversary! I know, God has blessed these two amazing people in my life and you can tell they are enjoying the life God as lead them to.

Keith and Carolyn Murphy are by far the most wise talented people I have ever met. I am so blessed to be in their family and married to their awsome son. :)

Unfortunately Melanie and Karl couldn't make the trip up for the Murphy's anniversary day, but Matt and I were able to go with Keith and Carolyn on their dinner train.

 August 26th, 1973 Carolyn Jan Spires age 17, beginning her senior year of high school married William Keith Murphy age 31, who had taught at Miss Carolyn's high school.

 Carolyn is the self taught renisaunce woman. She in an amazing quilter. She also has so many skills to share: she sews, gardens, cans, farms, spins wool, knitts, in fact I don't know anything she can't do. She has so much to teach me. I hope I can absorb half of the skills she has.

 Keith is one of those men who research and find a way. He can read up on a task and run with it. Right now he runs the farm in the country with sheep, garden, bees, grapes, fruit trees and several berries. He has been a motorcycle traffic cop, english high school teacher, Air Traffic Controller and grew up on a ranch. These are merely the things that jump out in my memory. Matt has inherrited his willing to try things himself from Keith.
Not to mention his sense of humor...eating around the lit candle in his peach cobbler. Hee hee

 I am so excited we were able to celebrate with the Murphy's this year on such a special date. Thank you Jesus for this amazing family and how you have moved to do such amazing things in their life. May we share so many more anniversaries ahead.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Corbin's new year

Yes, I will post about my daughter's new year soon, but my friend has still got some pictures that I want to use on my post. So, for today it is Corbin and a little bit of Aiden.

The day before our first day back at school we hooked up with our good pals and took a walk and played at the park. Pretty low key and relaxing. We had a few sprinkles and knew it was time to finally break and call it a day, go back home for lunch, and take naps.

So no big extravagant plans for our last day of summer but enjoyable and fun.

This little boy brings the sunshine with him wherever he goes. Love him.

two little pals... Aiden won't get to keep her though, She runs along with the girls yelling Ayeee, Ayeee. She will be able to say Addie soon.

We also got to meet our new teacher and see our new class the night before school starts. Really? Who thought of standing out in front of the school for 20minutes just to get into the room and be late to hear the meeting and then try to rush home out of packed school, through packed traffic to get to bed early for our first early day. I'll tell you they didn't consult the Murphy's.

But Corbin was very excited and looking forward to a new year of school. Everyone asks how Corbin likes school and I would say, " he's not jumping up and down to go, but not crying to stay home with mom, either." So I would say he likes it.

Notice the lack of toys in his classroom above. First grade is a world different than Kindergarten. His room looks so sterile like a real school room. "My baby is just not ready for this, "I think to myself.

Here we are my oldest baby, going off to experience and learn more about life. So bitter sweet.

In all the craziness I forgot to take a pic of Corbin getting on the bus, but we were ready when he got home. Aiden is so excited to see Corbin come home! And yes, he has a busted nose. In all the excitement on the bus and elbows flying one landed on Corbin.

Great first day of school! So happy, love this little red headed boy.