Thursday, June 21, 2012

Only one remains

I cannot imagine the day when my babies will be out of the house and graduated. But this is exactly where my parents are finding themselves. I mean Adam and I have been out of the house for a while but with the way they treat the girls you would have never thought they have already parented two adults. 
So, Naomi Grace Jones is soon to be one of us. Gracie graduated from Prosser Cosmetology School.

We got to go see her walk the Plank  platform with all the Prosser students. 

A week later mom and dad threw her a party where they presented her with her high school diploma.

I am very proud of my sister for completing high school. She  is so excited about this new chapter of her life, but goodness it is not what you think it is going to be.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wooly Knot Farm

Well, one of my baby sisters is following in my travel shoes. Rebekah Faith is going to Ireland for two months to study abroad with her Elementary Education Degree. The kids and I went with mom and Lydia to send her off at the airport. She was so quiet about leaving. She said she was overwhelmed and couldn't believe that this day had actually come. She will do great! It will be exciting to see what new Bekah comes home to us.

Aiden is growing and growing. He is now six months and has gotten his first tooth on mother's day. He has two bottom teeth now and is laboring over his front top two. We are waking up at least two times a night now. So he likes to chew about everything and put anything in his mouth. Aiden is also scooting to close things on the floor. He is eating food now at dinner. His favorite it pears and squash.

We went to visit the Murphys at Wooly Knot Farm, as Carolyn has named it. The kids and I love going out to the farm. We don't go out there near often enough. So this evening I wanted to take photos of the beautiful country God has made in English, Indiana. 

This is the veggie garden. So nice and weed free.

I love the way a garden looks with cabbage in it. It just gives it that perfect factor.

In front of the house she has two flower gardens. This is the one she formed not long after moving in. It has her lillies, roses and hydrangeas. You can see to the left the bee hives. They just added two this spring to make three. The tall vegetation in the back right are the raspberries and blackberries.

This is the flower garden that she put in last. I think it is two years old, maybe three. It has all bee food, as Carolyn says. The large window to the left is where she is building the studio that will hold her spinning wheel and quilting supplies. I would call Carolyn the Renaissance Woman. She can do it all; cook, can, sew, quilt, knit, garden and so much more. Play the piano, sing... she is so talented. Some of you say that I am an overachiever, I am just trying to keep up with the Murphy's.

Corbin by the Hollyhocks.

There is the beautiful lady that does it all.

And here are her babies. The sheeps. They have one ram and 13 others. I don't remember how many of the lambs this spring were boys, but the boys get sold in the fall.

The stop to check out the peculiar people watching them this evening.

Adaline my be the next Shepherdess. She likes to be anywhere near the sheep.

Corbin on the other hand begins on this side of the fence till he warms up to the idea of being with the sheep.

Fun time on the farm!

 Here is the papa sheep. Scratching his face on the fence. It looks like he is bowing his head in prayer for his large family.
These are called meat sheep. That is why they do not look like the woolly cotton balls you think of. Right now she is building her heard so they are only selling the boy sheep. She does have a couple of sheep she can shear.
I love going to the farm, so do the kids. They run and play. Country life.