Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The End is Near

I usually use my blog to share photos and journal about our experiences and life. Today I wanted to share what God has been stretching me through over January.

Growing up I was always taught that the end is near. Yes, Jesus can come back at any moment. That the signs of the times show his close return. That we should always be ready. We should use our time wisely for the Lord. We should always seek ways to speak of Jesus and share our faith.  To be fishers of men, seekers of souls. To go!

I believe all these things...

However right at the first of the year several in my family participate in a Daniel Fast. I really debated on whether I should do this or not. I do not want to say I am on a fast only to enforce a diet. I wanted a fast to be with purpose and reason. I want change and life renewal. The night before the fast was to begin a friend shared some things God has been speaking to her about and teaching her. Alright! This was it. I was meant to fast about these teachings.

My heart and the end times.

She came and spoke with our whole family. Some came and others left early, but we spent eight hours going over Bible. Beginning with Matthew 24 and heading into Revelations 12-15. If you have not read these chapters in the last nine months I challenge you to do so now.

I can't remember the last time I studied Revelations. It is very difficult material. Hard to understand. Scary and uncertain. She walked us through several parts of the end times. Wow! With my brain an overflowing sponge Matt and I were overwhelmed, a bit fearful, and wanting to seek what God was trying to tell us. Our talk went late into the night, so Matt and I didn't have any time to decompress what the other was thinking and feeling and what does this mean for us.

The entire next day I was thinking over and praying about the Bible verses she showed us and also her opinions about what is to come. I was taken by waves of excitement at the prospect of seeing Jesus soon, and the fear of how to take care of my small children if the tribulation is near and why was I filled more with fear than excitement. When Matt and I talked we were both on the exact same page. He being a little more bent to protection (as natural for a man) and I being more bent for love and fear of my children. One of the veses stated woe to the nursing mother and women with child. Matt immediatly stated no more babies.

Some things we talked about was 1) the fact that rapture is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible. In fact it makes no sense that we will be taken out of the world. 2) the fact that Matt 24:32- the fig tree, as soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out. the summer is near, this generation will not pass away till these things have happened.  3)the anti christ. 4) the mark of the beast.

After study all month and prayer...

1)I truly believe that we will not be ruptured away from the world before the end.
2) I am not sure what I believe here. But my eyes are open. If this is talking about Israel as it became a nation and that generation will not pass away. We are looking at the end being around 2014? Thus, the end is near. I want to listen to what God shows us here and be aware.
3)There has been an Antichrist figure in every generation: Nero, Hitler ect. I don't believe we have seen the Antichrist yet.
4)Could the mark of the beast be the Obama health care piece that states we will be chipped? I don't know what I believe about this yet either. I do believe that we will see the Antichrist before the mark of the beast is here. That means our economy has to fall and we become a one world government. That some prophesies have to be fulfilled: Damascus has to fall (turmoil there now) and the temple will be torn down stone by stone (Obama wants to divide Israel in half giving Palestine equal divide through the temple. They would tear down the temple).  So many factors here. But we could see the end very soon.

So many people that I have talked to don't want to even discuss these truths. Or any of these possibilities. They want to be comfortable and not even think about things that may scare them. One even said that God would not want any harm to come to us. So, we would not experience the end times. Hello People! Christians all over the world today are going through torture because of Jesus name! Wow, our culture, our country wants to be comfortable. They don't want to change or to be stretched. Yes, these things can be scary but what are we living for? Why are we here?

God has really pressed on my heart through this probing month. I have been living with my head down. I have been so focused on my family and small children. (which are good things and right things) But I should be seeking. After this month I am ready to hit the streets with my backpack and Bibles going door to door. I am afraid that my fishing of men has consisted of catching the fish that have jumped in my boat. I want to risk more. To put myself out there more.

How does one prepare for the end times is an issue Matt and I differ on a little bit. He has really grabbed onto  how we could survive. Times will get bad. I do believe we will see things progress in our lifetime. I know every generation had talked about this, but are you ready for the end? I want to prepare my heart for what God has for us. Prepare my children's hearts to serve Jesus no matter the cost. To seek out anyone I can and share God's love.

We shouldn't remain in our bubble and have our hand to the plow of our work and daily lives and keep our head down to the fact that spiritual things are happening all around us. We are here to glorify God! What is your purpose?

I have talked to each of my siblings about what their response is to this topic and a few mentioned that they are afraid and they cannot think about it because it will make them afraid. So if the end is near would you live your life any different? They said no. Now they are Christians and they have their hearts right. But you mean to tell me you would not have any conversations with anyone? Any direct conversations about what they believe about Jesus. I named several family members that do not serve Christ. Do not have a relationship with Him. We cannot assume that just because we live a Christian Life in front of people that that relieves our responsibility of sharing Christ. We can't assume that they will ask us about the Bible when they are ready. That is not seeking or going. I am such a passavist. Most of us Christians are passive in our faith. I want to have those conversations.

I pray I am always open to what God wants to teach me and change with his pressing. I pray you do too.

I don't know if this meeting was a way for God to open my eyes to my passive life or my pride in being a "good" mom, or if He is warning us about what is soon to be. But shouldn't we always be ready? I think age will affect greatly your perspective of the end, but we all should live our life with strong urgency. Aren't our souls worth it? Isn't our life with Christ worth it?

Seven Foot of Snow

This guy is our seven foot of snow. This was a Saturday I am sure the kids will never forget. Building a snow man with their dad, I mean helping their dad with a snowman, I mean watching their dad build a snowman. Matt kind of took this to a height the kids could not help with. 

This was such a perfect day to make a snowman.
 The neighbors across the street built a fort by their snowman.

The neighbors next to us built a Uof L snowman. (note they have no kids in their house). They just couldn't resist getting out and playing in the snow.

There was rolling an playing

 All while Matt was working on this guy.

Aiden held...
 and tasted his first snowball...

but after ramps to roll up the large snowballs ....

Mr. Snowman was finally complete.

Our neighbors came and photo bombed our pic...

Seven foot tall, corncob pipe and a carrot nose. Frosty is alive

My handsome boy...

With the best father in town.

What a fun day to play in the snow.

Thanks frosty... we will see you again soon.
Actually I believe it took a week for him to melt.