Thursday, February 28, 2013

Can You Spell Winter

Well this winter has had several beautiful snows. The snow had come down thick and soft but does not tend to stay long. We just haven't had it very cold.

And of course every little hint of snow in the air the kids want to run outside and play. 

These little darlings can be the best of friends ....

and the worst of enemies...

 What a beautiful white out.

The snow covered our Christmas lights. It made such a beautiful glow.

I am sure everyone in our generation thinks of the Christmas Story movie when they bundle up their kids to go out in the snow.

it probably takes as much time to bundle up as they spend outside in the snow. It usually doesn't last long before they want to come back in.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wanted to try a video

Six Kids, Four Kisses & Three Sleepyheads

This couple

had this couple over to ring in the new year

One of many smiles for the night

Twins to make everything lively. By the way, watch out for Aiden. He like to share the spoils of scavenging with babies. Fed Gabe a little bit of shredded beef from dinner that he stole off the table when no one was looking. 

Here you see Zeb  &  Gabe 

 This is before our Champagne was doctored up

And here is the drink doctor 

All three of these guys made it to the new year and the ball drop. Addie had fallen asleep 5 min after the new year rang in.

Fun times with great friends. We are so blessed to have our families and friends surround us!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Year Well Celebrated

Here is the Christmas season celebrated by the Smiths Saturday, the Murphy's Sunday and now the Jones' Monday (Christmas Eve)

Watch out for flying babies!

My little princess. She really enjoyed Christmas this year, understanding what we are celebrating praising our Savior at His birth.

The wide eyed wonder of a child is so precious. I love her dearly.

I pray we hold each other dear always

One of the traditions that we have is to sing Christmas Carols with the whole family before we open presents.

Addie joined in this year. Since she has been practicing for her Christmas Play she knows some songs now. Everyone loved her free spirit that prompted her to dance for a few of the songs. Cutie pie

The adults drew names for an exchange and the kids are blessed by Aunt Terri and Aunt Melba with nice presents. They are so sweet to want to share with the little ones.

Fun times around the Christmas tree.

I have similar pictures of Terri holding me when I was Aiden's age.

This boy I have trained well. I guess I took so many pictures of Corbin growing up that he cheeses whenever prompted. Beautiful smile for my rambunctious boy.

2nd generation cousins.

Aiden was tickled with himself for spinning around in circles.

Christmas Morning

The kids did not wake up early. We let them sleep. Around 8a everyone started to stir. We read the Christmas Story together. Opened stockings and had breakfast.

The kids loved eating the treats out of their stockings. My parents would always put a candy cane and an orange, chapstick and things like that in our stocking. So I like to get juice boxes, snacks and treats that we don't usually buy. Pringles, crackers, play dough, cars and stickers. Fun stuff.

I have gotten my new favorite thing from Matt in my stocking. Chocolate covered black licorice. Yummo!

We didn't leave Aiden out. He had a tiny baby stocking.

Most of our morning was spent in relaxed anticipation and a slow rhythm of opening one, playing with it for awhile and checking out what the sibling had gotten and playing with it a while.

We got the kids Leapsters this year. Corbin came home in October asking for a DS. Obviously seeing or talking about them on the bus or at school. I think the Leapster is a better fit for us right now.

Mid afternoon the rest of my family came over to celebrate together. What a feast we had together. Ham, salad, sweet potatoes and flaky biscuits.

The only way we see people on Christmas day is if they come see us. The kids get to rest and relax in our home and spend the day in full pleasure with each other.

Mom lets Aiden chew an a piece of lettuce! And yes, he began to choke. The girls teased her that she should know better. This part I like....... She says, "I have raised all you girls. I know what he can have." Bekah said, "Well that is because Melanie was there to take care of us."

These monkeys are having a fantastic day!

You know every year this happens. Not always to the same person. But this year it was Elizabeth that made out like a bandit. Of course we had drawn her name. Us kids draw for each other and we give gifts to mom and dad.

Aiden was so happy just to totter around from person to person and touch whatever you would let him.

Uncle Adam always had the best and coolest present for Corbin. This time Corbin is trying out his spiderman webbing that shoots from his hand. He is going to take down Peepaw.

Adam had also gotten Addie a pretty neat present. Rapunzel hair.

She loves it ! And sings and dances while wearing it.

We had to try it on Aiden.

A little freaky huh?

I love the quality time we set aside during Christmas to celebrate our Saviors birthday together. I love the traditions that carry on with my own little family and was excited to carve out new ones this year. The elementary school teacher came out in me to teach my children. Some of the stuff I wanted to do was still to advanced for my kindergartner, so we will try those things in the years to come.

I love being a mom, wife, sister, daughter and living each of these connections out during Christmas!
Most of all I am humbled to be the daughter of a Mighty Father! The King of all who sent his Son for us! Oh Holy One.