Friday, July 27, 2012

You can't have summer without Polly Freeze and swimming

My sisters and I tease about how my mother fixes the things she wants for our birthday dinner or birthday cake. So, Lizzy asked me to fix this chocolate turtle cake for our girls night at Aunt Melba and Terri's house. You cannot see the layers from this angle but it was a three layer cake. Yummo!

So these are the girls. Guess who has been tanning? We played Cranium all evening. My aunts are so fun.

Melanie Hawkins and I went to Polly Freeze for dinner one night. I think this is the first time I went there to eat anything other than ice cream. The fish sandwich was huge and delicious and of course we also had ice cream.

June 2nd we had this very cold snap right at the beginning of the summer swim season. Our church was having this pool party at South Harrison pool/ park. We decided to go and give it a try...
Adaline and Micah are the best of buddies. They always look for each other at church. Addie is surrounded by boys. There are no girls her age that we hang around.
Corbin was so cold. He got in once and said can I go swing. That tells you how cold it was for this fish not to want to be in the water.

Addie's lips were blue and her chin chattered but she would not get out of the water.

Later we had a cookout and played on the playground. Check out the cool kid with the shades.

Here is mini Matt.

Little buddy was cranky and would not let anyone but mom hold him. Teething kept him from wanting to nap. But he needed one so bad. It was so pretty outside even if we didn't enjoy the pool the day was gorgeous!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July already

I cannot believe it has been over a month since my last post. This summer is flying by. I went back to the spring to get a couple of things that I wanted to blog about that just seemed like yesterday.

Adaline is so into dress up. It really doesn't matter what the costume, however girlie girl is her favorite. This day she wanted to wear Eli's Iron Man costume. Cute

The kids go though bubble phases. This day they probable went through a large bottle of bubbles.

These lips. Matt keeps saying her husband will love kissing her.

These guys are such good buddies. Addie is going to be lost this fall without her big brother. This will give her time to bond with her little brother. Hope we all survive. She is a little bully to Aiden.

Okay, so around here in the Kentuckiana area Derby is a big deal. In my christian homeschool upbringing Derby has come and gone with no notice, except for Thunder Over Louisville. This year I really wanted to participate in some of the cities festivities. I really wanted to go to the Christian concert on the lawn. So Gracie, Aiden and I went to Building 429. I love their new hit out "Where I Belong". There were two other groups one of them being a contestant in American Idol. Well, my wires got crossed and I told Gracie it was one of the newer winners. After his part of the concert we look at each other, like "that cannot be one of the winners." No it was not. oh well. We had a good time.

I also took the kids to the Pegasus Parade. At the last minute I call my Aunt to find out a good place to watch the parade. She reminds me that cousin Sara is working mere blocks from the parade and yes she would love to have us come down by her and get good seats. Flavor Man is on 8th and Broadway. She has one of the coolest jobs. They mix formulas to drinks. For example Brad Pitt might call and say I have this hard lemonade that my pappy use to make and I want to bottle it and sell. Flavor Man could come up with a formula and get all that rolling. So cool. She showed us the lab and walked us around. So much fun just that part of our day. One of the not so fun parts was getting down to where she was. We had to do some round a bout driving and all the streets near the parade were blocked off , and the police were not going to let us use the parking pass that I printed off from Sara, crying babies, and trains later we found a place to park about six blocks away. But all worked out.

I did not get a group photo but here is a little of us. You can barely see Jansen on the end (Corbin's good buddy) Jillian is by Adaline (Addie would call her her buddy, but Jillian is 9) and Rachelle is holding Reagan between Addie and Corbin. Reagan is 1 and Rachelle is my age.

Rachelle and the kids and I had a great time at the parade. None of us knew what to expect. The parade was about an hour. The kids would get antsy when the gaps between the floats got too spaced out. 8th street is the very end of the parade and this is also the more "don't let your daughter walk alone" part of the city. I never let the kids out of my sight. Sara was awsome and jumped in to help with the kids and make it as fun as possible for them.

This is the Kentucky basketball coach Calipari. He got booed and cheered all over the city. Go Cats!!

Cyndi  Lauper was the Grand Marshall!! Crazy but "girls just wanna have fun." Born in Queens in 53
All in all we had a great time, but ready to leave at the end. Thanks Sara

This was the night Matt and I helped at the Joy Prom at our church. We seldom look nice and dressed up so I requested a family picture before we left.

Awww.... I love my handsome husband....

Happy Birthday Lizzy! 23 is a good year.

Adorable Aiden

This is Addie's silly face

Went to Uncle Glendon's to have a cook out. Nana always wants pics with the kids.

luscious lips