Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Can you believe so many beautiful women can be in this picture?
This photo was taken about a month ago so Adaline has just turned five months.
Adaline Lynn Murphy got her name from my Grandma Jones (Antionette Adaline Schmidt Jones) Addie looks so much like my baby pictures. She is such a moose weighing in above 20 pounds. I mean look at those legs. I can't even put my hand around even the smallest part of her leg.
Of course you know which one I am. Melanie Lynn Murphy got her name from Gone With the Wind. Which happens to be my favorite movie of all time. Also not that my daughter has my middle name. I am trying to loose my moose weight :). Lost three pounds already. Yea
My mother Diana Lynn Jones. Note I have my mothers middle name. My mother is such a small lady. She has always been small. I love the spiritual heritage that my mother has given us. She was the one who took Adam and I to church while we were in preschool. It is her prayers and example that have lead my dad and myself to the Lord. she is an awsome soldier for the Lord.
My grandmother Pauline Giles Smith. Back in her generation they did not often have middle names for the girls. They would use their maiden name for their middle name after they married. Grandma constantly surprises me with her knowledge. She grew up as the oldest on the farm. She knows all kinds of things about country cooking and canning. She knows about farming both with livestock and gardening, but she hated that life. She married a preacher and factory worker in the city and married to get away from the farm. She never does any of those things she did on the farm ever. So when we are talking about things and she says "oh, yeah we did.... or yeah you need get that to cook right." it takes me aback because I forget she know those things. I love my family and the heritage that God has given me. I know God honors his promises and blesses those that pray and follow him.

I knew all four of my great grandmothers. I remember distinct characteristics about each one. Addie will know two. I hope she is able to make connections and build relationships with her grandmothers they way I did.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Precious Ones

I am amazed at how well these two get along. Corbin just coos over her in the morning. I love when we both go to get Addie out of bed in the morning and Corbin crys out "Addie we coming". It is so precious. She just smiles and lets him pull on her arm. It's as if she knows they are best friends and she lights up whenever he's around.

And if Addie is already awake and Corbin comes in the room he has to go over to her and say hello. It is so cute. He lays his head on her belly and gets real close to her face to let her know he is there to say hi. :)
I can't wait to see how their relationships will grow and change as they get older.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game...

All four "men" went out to the Bats game a few weeks ago. Everyone had a ball, hee hee.
Corbin ate snacks the entire game and of course any time you can talk, laugh, eat and still follow a game is heaven to most men. Matt had gotten free tickets from one of his work contacts. How fun. I had church obligations so Matt took all of the guys.

Matt, Keith (matt's dad), Corbin, and Mark (matt's best friend)

These three guys are Corbins favorite people. I am sure he didn't stop smiling the entire game. In fact he was out late and never did fall asleep. He was wound to tight with all the snacks and fun.
I am glad Corbin and Addie are able to make such good memories with their grandparents. I love my grandparents but have no memories of doing anything with them. They were all older and never did take us anywhere when we were growing up.


This is Corbin's latest words.... "awsome" and "cool dude"
Love my little guy

...I have noticed that no one has commented the last few posts, not that that is important to me or anything, :) but I guess I need to go to the colts stadium, have a cute kid named Levi, or use the biggest honkin tent around to get a comment? :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zoo with 17

Recently my aunt Pam from North Carolina came in town with my two cousins and Olivia's boyfriend. They decided to go to the zoo for the day a fun outing for the families. We did have a great time. It was terribly hot that day, but everyone at least made it to half of the zoo. My little family did the zoo hard core. We went to all of the animals and played in the water park. Fun fun.

Addie slept a lot of the trip. It was so hot, I'm glad she didn't want to be held the whole way.

If you'll notice Corbin is in mid air. He was jumping all around having a ball. He loves playing in the water.

Corbin is just too little to Wait in line and go to the slide by his self. so, the good mom that I am I walked with him and helped him down. However, I did get quite wet in my clothes. :) It did feel nice once I got past the fact that my hair was now limp and messed up. Anything for my baby boy. He went down he slide about a dozen times.

Yes, there are seventeen family member today. What fun to have this memory at the zoo!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Swimming Fun

Jr and Kim invited us to swim a few weeks ago. What fun! Corbin is so cute dog paddling around everywhere in his floaties. Matt threw him in the water to see how he would like horsing around and Corbin sputtered and cried. Maybe 2 1/2 year olds don't like that much yet.

Addie really loved the water. Babies are so fatty that they just float. When I let go of her legs she would float up flat and her head relaxed on the ladybug. Cute! She really cued and smiled the whole time in the water.

Kim fed us grilled chicken and hamburgers. She is such a good cook and host. Bucky came by and Jr's brother Matt and his wife Abby. We played pool volleyball and swam until we were prunny. Great time!