Friday, December 17, 2010

Cutting of the Tree

I had forgotten how funny the blogger sight was, How you have to arrange your pictures in a different order than what you want them to appear. Every year we go and cut a fresh/live tree out on the farm. All but one time we have gone to Hubers. Today was so cold. The wind was cutting right through you. Here is the winning tree. Matt had this great idea about how we select our tree.

We always walk through the farm saying I like this one, and then walking a few steps and saying I like this one. When we turn around to compare the ones we like now we don't remember the first one we liked. So, Matt had this great idea Each person would get a clothes pin to mark their favorite tree. It worked splendidly. Carolyn's tree won this year.

Corbin yells out "Good night, Daddy, look at all those trees!" He couldn't believe that we would have so many choices. :)

We had so much fun inspite of the weather. It is so nice to come off of the farm to warm hot cider for everyone.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My new post and everything!

Merry Christmas, I will try and be a little better than I have been over the last, what, six months?!
I have read the last few entries on many of you and life keeps moving at a break neck speed, huh? A little update for the Murphy family:
We are madly trying to get the house all holified, presents for the first half of the month engagements (went to black Friday for the second time!), going to the Winter Wonder Slam tonight to celebrate Adam and I's Birthdays, I will be making some graduate/licensing decisions this month as my teacher license expires this spring.
Adaline has grown and grown! She is so tall and long that she is in sizes 2T and 3T at age 18months. She is such a chatter bug and talks happily to anyone who listens or even just to herself. She is such a girl; loves to hold babies and purses. She can't keep her hands off the Christmas tree. She has already smashed an ornament against the wall. She loves to draw, keep your pens and pencils out of sight.
Corbin is doing great at preschool and loves going to class, at least after he is out of bed, dressed and ready to deal with the fact that we have to get started with our day. His Indian name for this Thanksgiving was "Mighty Bear". He must be doing some of that roaring at school. He has such a kind heart and loves on his little sister often.
Well, off to the concert!

A Tale of Two Little Munchkins

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