Sunday, January 24, 2010

The last of 2009

Well, maybe I am catching up to the present. I am just now putting to rest my Christmas photos. I love Christmas and the holidays. The kids had so much fun. What I really enjoyed was Corbins enthusiasm over the Christmas story and how he savored each gift. It took hours to open presents, not because we had a lot to open, but because he wanted to check out and play with each item. Adaline was enamored with everything Corbin was doing. Here is a photo of Corbin playing with Addies toys. Bonus! Everything addie has is corbins. hee hee. Or so he thinks.

Addie and her two gifts for Christmas. She really liked her First Doll Baby.

Corbin was in heaven with all the cars. Remember the blog about him finding his gift? Well, he fell in love all over again.

This is his little tool set from uncle Adam and aunt Dana. He is more safety inclined than his father. Sporting the cool goggles.

People keep telling me to enjoy this time with my kids and how much fun they are now at Christmas. I can tell you I have soaked it all in this year. I have just enjoyed spending time with my little family so much . God has blessed us beyond measure.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Uncle Mark and Aunt Kara

Mark and Kara came by right before Christmas with fun surprises. Corbin loves with Mark and Kara come over. They are not our friends, they do not come to see Addie. No, Corbin thinks they are all for himself. He loves when Mark plays. Over the summer a visit from Mark always included a trip to the rock pile. Digging and playing in the gravel is fun for a two year old. Now he likes to play cars and tools.
Well, I can't figure out how to post these pictures in the right order, oops.

Corbin is dancing here with a smile just giddy with anticipation. What did Uncle Mark bring?

Thomas the Train! He wouldn't stop playing for me to get a good picture. He just couldn't wait for the men to get the train set put together.

Bonus: Corbin thinks that all of Addie's gifts are his too. But Addie loves to share. :)

I love his expression here.

Addie stood at her new piano and just played away. It's as if she has been taking lessons.

It even has a bench for her to sit on. Kara said how she looks like an old lady organist. Can't you picture the old ladies at your church at the organ here?

Both of the kids love playing with their gifts and there is nothing more special than when people come to spend time with them. The new piano finds a featured place in the living room but the train set is a little more fragile around an active 9 month old. So, the train set is upstairs where Corbin gets to play with it uninterrupted.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pretty Lights

After the kids Christmas Party the girls suggested going by the Charlestown Square and Park to check out the lights. I thought this is probably the closest we will get, so I took the kids by. It was bitterly cold that night buy we did it. I was so impressed! The square was amazing. There was music and everything. It was way too cold to go down to the park but we drove by.

Corbin loved the lights. He was dancing around and insisted we stand and look at the lights a little bit longer.

Everything was so pretty. I would highly recommend this to anyone for next year!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A mini-me christmas

Jami put together a little kiddie Christmas. Here are the cheesers.
Cooper, Pierce, Hope, Corbin, Adaline, Levi and the green blanket is reserving baby Maggie's seat

Notice Levi's arms around "his baby"

The kids had a ball eating hot dogs, mac n cheese, and puppy chow (thanks jami)

The kids had a great time playing and tackling each other. Thanks for a great party Jami! We missed Jill and her kids. The kids will out number us soon.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cousin Kensie

This year cousin Kensie and Aunt Melanie came up for a Christmas visit. They came for family time and also to see The play the Matt's mom(Carolyn) directed at her church. This was a great weekend to catch up and hang out with the two girls. This is Corbin and Addie's only cousins. We were sorry that Karter (older brother) and Karl were not able to come and visit.

Kensie is awsome with little ones. You could tell she really liked holding, feeding, and even changing Addie. I really liked getting to know this different side of Kensie. She has grown so tall and will soon be a beautiful young lady.
Melanie seems to be never changing. Always the exceptional sister, happy to help and serve anytime. I cannot believe that Melanie and Karl will have their 10th wedding anniversary this June. Melanie gave us Butterscotch Brownies and Muffins. The Brownies were amazing and I am saving the muffin mix for a savory breakfast.
As usual Melanie, Karl, Kensie, and Karter picked out noise makers for the children. :) Corbin got this cool laser gun and it goes boing and ping. yay Corbin also got kiss me elmo, so cute. Addie got this frog that talks. She loves to squeeze and lay on the frog. More than the presents the kids received I loved the reaction Kensie had opening her blanket. Don't have a picture to show but I made fleece blankets for Karter and Kensie. Karter got a hunter orange/soccer ball blanket and Kensie got a lipstick/cheer leading blanket. I'll have to have Melanie send me a picture of the two with their blankets.
We had a great dinner with the porter's and murphy's Sat. Ribs, mashed potatoes, and much more. Sunday we went to the play. Carolyn and the participants did an outstanding job. Keith and her worked so hard to get everything perfect. I love family time.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kicking off the CHRISTmas season

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, Happy New Year! Sorry to have not posted over the last two months. I spend a few days and catch you up. I love spending time with family and friends and as many of you know my "language of Love" is quality time. In fact, one of the ear marks of Christmas is a party here at the house. Many of you saw the post by Tracey/Gretchen/Jami but here are a few of my own pictures.

Here is the line for food. And a few at the table enjoying first course.

I love this mid-air shot of Eric eating. You show them how it's done!

Matt is peaking at the camera. I later heard that he had to move seats because his back was roasting in the fire. :) I didn't even know Matt(my matt) had even gotten a fire going.

I had so much fun preparing our Italian Night. We had a fabulous time!

We ended up muddling through a game of mafia. I am so glad that we did. It was so much fun to play a game we enjoyed 10 years ago. :) How could you go wrong with chocolate milkshake cocktails, oreo truffles, hot cider, games and friends. Love the holidays.

I know that we will always hold this tradition no matter what the season in our lives. Even if we end up ordering pizza one night I love being with friends. Let's make it a point to get together soon!

Monday, January 4, 2010


This is to let you know something new is on the way. I spent a couple hours catching up on you guys I'll share tomorrow. :)