Friday, February 20, 2009

Cashing In

I have already cashed in on one of my scavenger hunt certificates. Matt made me breakfast in bed today. It worked out perfect, and really he had it easy. I wanted powdered donuts and fruit. Corbin was still sleeping so I got to just relax for breakfast and lay there after. So nice to enjoy a lazy morning. What a sweet husband. He also included a mushy card. AAWWWW.
Here Corbin is enjoying a few donuts of his own. 

The Valentines Couple

Here are the "Amazing Love Race" winners. : )

Time for your nap

On the days Corbin believes he does not need to take his nap he will run under the island in the kitchen. He thinks he is so funny and clever. In many regards he is correct. Now that I am a bit round it is hard to nab him when he runs under here. 
He has so much personality. I love my son.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2009 picture posting

Here you are. Any photo I have for 2009! :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day

What a fun day! I did have to teach Sat for project ahead but on the way home I set up our scavenger hunt. With a little help from Tracey I  made an "Amazing Love Race" patterned after the  "Amazing Race". Every year Matt and I have taken turns making a scavenger hunt for the other on Valentines Day. We have done this since 2000 when we started dating. It is so cool to know we have been doing this for nine years. So, you know me and my memory. I counted the years and this is my year. 

For the Amazing Love Race I gave Matt clues that made him drive around Corydon to find his clue and sometimes treat. I did not have him complete any roadblocks, but it was fun watching him go in and get clues. Some places he had to go in where the movies, taco bell, ups, dairy queen. I was so excited to set this one up this year. 

Matt had asked what I wanted to do on Valentines. I told him I'd like to pick the movie to rent and he make dinner. Wow, did he rise to the occasion.  He acted like he had not even thought about it by lunch sat. but after we got back from our scavenger hunt he started dinner. Corbin and I played while he cooked. He looked too intense to chat with. : ) 
He made chicken and beef kabobs that he grilled, cheddar rice pilaf, pasta salad, rolls, watermelon jello, and berry medley pie. Wow! Everything tasted fabulous! He had the table set and the candles lit when he called Corbin and I to dinner. What a sweet heart. 

Something funny... after Matt completed his scavenger hunt he handed me some clues for a scavenger hunt. He said that I had done the scavenger hunt the last two years in a row, told you my memory was bad. Honestly when I was counting the years I couldn't remember what we had done the year before. I didn't think to ask Matt I just knew it was my year this year. When I had gotten home from placing the clues and teaching I was so excited and told him so that he didn't have the heart to tell me that he had made one as well. So we each had a scavenger hunt this year. I told him he still had to make one next year. 

Matt made me a scavenger hunt where he gave me a picture and then if I found where that picture was located in town I got a gift certificate. For example, he took a picture of the pineapple on Magdelana's sign and the certificate was for a back rub. I had ten clues. Fun.
We rented Maid of Honor with Patrick Dempsy. It was cute. 

What a good day! Valentines Day is special for Matt and I because he proposed Valentines 2001. We have fun together making up inexpensive or lavish scavenger hunts and activities for the evening. This year he got me an adorable ladybug rug that I put in the bathroom and a ladybug garden stake that I can't wait to get out and mess with. I got him a subscription to Log Cabin magazine. I love Matt!

I'll post a picture of the handsome/big bellied couple tomorrow.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman...Boys and Girls of all ages...

Welcome to the Circus! 
Corbin and Jenny at their first circus. Jenny loved the elephants and Corbin loved his hot dog. 
Corbin did better than I thought he would. He enjoyed all the lights and sounds. He liked the elephants and dogs, but that lasted a whole 30 seconds. He was very happy to play with the foldable seats and walk in between Jenny and Matt, back and forth.

They gave out free Shriner's hats. Corbin is lookin' the part.

Daddy let me have a bite... I'm patiently waiting. He had his first hot dog in a bun with mustard.
Corbin's first circus. He was such a big boy this evening, wanting to walk everywhere himself. I didn't realize how much I miss my baby till I see all of these things like sleeping in a toddler bed, no sitting on my lap, and not letting me hold him all together. I guess I'll have to have another baby. :) 
Jenny and Baby A's first circus. I have decided I think the baby will be a boy.
Did Corbin like the clown Potsie? Well, he didn't not like him. He was a bit indifferent to the entertainment. When he is a little older we'll have to let him on the elephant rides.
Jenny had gotten free tickets and took us to the Circus with her. What a sweetie. We had a great time. The elephant routine was my favorite. Bo stood on her front legs spinning on this rotation top with her back legs up! Wow! He even still had his tusks. 

The Shriners is a small circus but very good. 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

cuddle bug

Corbin never does this. He is such a touch me not, very independent(like you know who...). Sometimes I can get him to sit on my lap to watch one of his shows but usually he is up playing and moving around. This weekend Matt and I were watching a movie and he wanted to lay down with me on the couch and lay under the blanket. AAAWWW... I love him.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sleeping in my toddler bed

Praise the Lord! Last week during the stormy weather we took the plunge with Corbin and he has been sleeping in his "big boy bed". We put his new toddler bed and placed it in the spot where the crib had been.  Monday night was the first sleep in his bed.

Corbin has done very well. He likes his bed and sleeps in it for me. Matt still thinks he can throw him in bed and leave and he'll happily stay in bed and fall asleep. Everytime Matt has done this for his naps he gets out of bed and comes down stairs. I have been taking 15-30 min with him this week and reading him stories, singing, and laying by him till he goes to sleep. This extra time is well worth it for me. He still has been sleeping 2-3 hours for his nap. I am so happy.

Corbin loves his new bed. But we have learned that he can open his door and leave whenever he wants. : )