Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Old Friends and New Friends at the Sheep Farm

Matt's old friends Brenda and Dennis called Matt to say they would be in town with their grandkids and could we all go out to the sheep farm together and make a day of it? Matt was so thrilled to be able to see such good friends, talk shop and swap stories and jumped at the chance to see them. 
Traveling from California to Indiana was quite the trip and such a treat for the Hogans to spend time with us. The kids clicked instantly. As you can see all three had a close friend. 

Mason and Corbin took off in the woods instantly and when we saw them they were playing hide and seek or Nerf guns. They kept the same pace and didn't miss a beat the whole day.

Aiden and Colton took turns playing with the big boys and doing things together. What boy doesn't like super heroes?

Julian and Adaline zipped off chatting and smiling. I think the big tire swing was a big hit.

I didn't realize that all the reports on the news about California fires would have left the Hogan's area so dry and brown. They kept talking about how green it was here and how nice to be out in the country and not on top of everyone with space between the houses. We are truly blessed.

The Murphy's were so kind to let us come show off their farm. They gave us the grand tour and even tried to let the kids into the pen with the burro and sheep but the animals were pretty jumpy with all of these new faces staring at them.
 Playing on the farm, looking for bugs, going to the creek with new friends is almost more than one Saturday can handle.

 Carolyn had made the most amazing Carmel corn that you have ever tasted in your life! Carolyn had made these farm goodie bags for each of the kids with bandannas, sheep cookies, caramel corn and even a wooden sheep with Wooly Knot Farms burned onto them. They were so darling. The Murphy's went way above and beyond to welcome our California friends.

 These new Hoosier sheep farmers are now ready to hit the trails.
Somehow I managed to not get any pics of the sheep or the adults but I'd say I got pics of the cutest part of our day. :)
It was so nice to meet Brenda's son Chad and his family. Everyone was wonderful and we had such a good day. I think the kids have new friends cross country now to be pen pals with and hopefully see again one day.

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Brenda said...

Thank you so much for such a wonderful day. It was everything I hoped it would be. Your family is very special to us!