Saturday, June 20, 2015

Camping is Heaven for the Murphy Boys

I'll have to admit the rainy weekend did not allow me to share in the thoughts of heavenly bliss camping. Actually, for a parent of small children camping is so much work. Blake kept walking off and I'd have to keep a constant eye on him. Rarely did I get to just sit down and relax. Blake just couldn't understand why walking in the street or into other campsites was wrong. 

Matt did a great job at the campfire. All the food was amazing, despite the rain.

Have I mentioned rain? Yes, it flat out rained the night we got there. Not long after we set up camp it started raining. We took shelter in the canopy and when it was time to go to bed we found the rain fly did not do its job. There was puddles in our tent and rain was coming in from the walls on the floor. The small kids tent was dry so Matt and Aiden squished into a two man tent with Addie and Corbin.

I took Blake and his pack n play to the camper with mom and dad and I got the twin bunk. All seemed okay at first, but I had no blankets (Matt took them with him). I was freezing by morning. My bunk felt like a flat lawn chair.
But we were dry.

 The best part of our weekend was the bicycle ride. There were rain showers off and on all day but we did make a six mile bike ride and visit to the nature center.

This super hero doesn't take a day off. He is around on vacation or at home.

You raccoons look out Aiden is in town.

(so because of pictures like the one above and the ones at the Derby I have decided to get serious about a diet and workout plan. My neighbor has been letting me work out with her at the Y and I have lost 6 pounds so far. I am excited about getting rid of all those baby pounds.)

 Brown County is beautiful and a lot of fun. Hopefully we will not be rained out when we get to come back.

 Of course we had great fellow campers who shared their bunk and dry space.

 These Murphy's and their lips. I tell ya

For a moment of sanity and the look of "you better get me out of here" I was giving Matt we drove in town for dinner. This fun Pizzaria was the perfect spot for us. The chef brought out dough balls for each of the kids to play with while our food was being prepared.

All in all I'm glad we got to camp together, but rain and kids do pose a challenge. Each time I say this is the last time we camp with a baby and it is true Blake gets bigger every time. One day we will have four children that can play on their own, but for now I try to focus on how cute they are.

Blake looks just like his Peepaw. Mom calls him little Johnny

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